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El Porvenir – Nicaragua
October 8-18, 2011
Primetimers are invited to share the life and work of Nicaraguan villagers in a 10 day program. This comes from El Porvenir (The Future) who offer a small group study-work experience as part of their program supporting self-help water and sanitation projects in rural communities in that country.
Group members will join local families in building a tree nursery to help reforest the watershed around the village water project.
This experience contributes in a substantial and positive way to better the lives of these rural Nicaraguans.
Primetimers will get to know the families they work with each day and opportunities to meet and talk with other Nicaraguans will be available through meetings with local United Methodist groups and mission workers. There may also be dialogue with politicians, teachers and/or health workers. 
Following the project work, there is recreational/cultural time in colonial Granada. This excursion will include a trip to the rim of a volcano, cloud forest, archeological museum and craft market.
This event is the first time for Primetimers to be in Nicaragua and offers a unique experience for understanding a new culture as housing will be in a modest hotel in a town near the worksite village. Participants can expect running water, indoor plumbing, electricity, a bed and a fan. El Porvenir staff provides purified water at all times and ensures food that is safe to eat. Spanish is not required as bilingual staff accompanies the group. No special skills are needed – only a desire and willingness to learn and serve.
Event Code Nica11
EVENT HOST: El Porvenir (The Future)
              Jo Buescher                                                                         
                         1420 Ogden Street – Unit 204
                         Denver, CO 80218
EVENT DATE: October 8, 2011 to October 18, 2011
EVENT COST PER PERSON: $1200 includes housing, meals, local transportation, supplemental accident insurance, GBGM administrative fee, translator, recreation and the needed materials for the project. 
ROOMS: Housing is in a modest hotel with running water, indoor plumbing, and electricity. Double rooms are standard but a limited number of singles are available at nominal extra charge.
MEALS: The first meal provided will be on October 8 (either lunch or dinner depending on arrival time) and the last is on Saturday morning, October 18. Food preparation is carefully supervised, bottled water is provided at all times and vegetarian diets can be arranged.
TRANSPORTATION: Participants should not make travel arrangements until instructed to do so by the Event Coordinator. Persons flying to the event will fly into Sandino Airport Managua. Transportation to the event site will be provided by the hosts in an air-conditioned van. Daily travel to the worksite will be in 4 wheel drive truck. 
ESTIMATED PHYSICAL DEMANDS: The program involves manual labor (some is simple)in the construction of the project as well as walking over rough surfaces and terrain, climbing into and out of the back of a pickup truck daily to go to the worksite and into and out of a bus for longer trips. Current tetanus shot is required.
REGISTRATION: Registration deadline is July 1, 2011 with the minimum being 8 persons and the maximum being 12. Please send completed registration and deposit to:

Mission Volunteers, General Board of Global Ministries
475 Riverside Drive, Room 320
New York, NY 10115
 EVENT COORDINATOR                                    EVENT SHEPHERD                        
 Jo Buescher                                                                    Lyda Jeffrey-Pierce