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A Kaleidoscope of Vermont Color
September 23 – October 1, 2011


From the Green Mountains to the blue waters of Lake Chaplain---

Primetimers will experience the true colors of Vermont during September of 2011 and timed just when the foliage changes from green to brilliant red, orange and yellow and then followed quickly by the season of white snow.  A real kaleidoscope of color is to be expected.

The color of Vermont is also reflected in many of the residents of the Middlebury area – Mexicans, Jamaicans and other migrant friends work in the apple orchards and on dairy farms.  Middlebury College faculty and students add to the rainbow of colors – coming from many different countries of the world.  The streets have been compared to the United Nations.  Rokebury Museum shares the history of the Underground Railroad for African American’s journey from slavery to freedom.

The colorful history continues as this little state has had official leadership by Native American, English, Colonial and United States governing bodies.

Finally, Vermont is looking toward the future in its green living with solar homes, wind power, wood chip heat and clear waters and environmental concerns.

The Primetimers group will experience all this as daily excursions take place from the Retreat Center in Burlington.   There will be visits to the museums, farms, a maple sugar tapping, authentic covered bridge and other quaint reminders of the past as well as to a solar wind farm and additional evidences of the “green” future.

Service and Ministry will take place at Burlington United Methodist Church as the group will assist with the feeding program for homeless families.

Participants can expect to leave this event with a new understanding  and appreciation of color -  what it means visually but also a deeper and even more beautiful concept of our human colors – inclusive and ever changing even as through the lens of a Kaleidoscope. 


A Kaleidoscope of Vermont Color
Event Code VT11

EVENT HOSTS:         
 Rev. Dr. Leon and Bonnie Totten Adkins
 Rev. George and Margaret Klohck  Mr. Larry and Ann Barber      
 Middlebury United Methodist Church 2158 Hooker Road – Leicester, VT  05733

EVENT DATE:    September 23 – October 1, 2011

EVENT COST PER PERSON: $1100.00 per person includes housing, meals, local transportation. supplemental accident insurance, entrance fees, and GBGM administrative fee.  Transportation to and from the event is the responsibility of the participant.

ACCOMMODATIONS:   Participants will be housed at Bishop Booth Conference Center 20 Rock Point Road in Burlington, VT.  05408 telephone: 802-658-6233

MEALS:  The first meal is Friday night (September 23, 2011) and the last meal is   Saturday morning (October 1, 2011).  Breakfasts and Dinners will be at the Conference Center – lunches will be at various places of travel.

TRANSPORTATION:  Participants should not make travel arrangements until instructed to do so by the Event Coordinator.  Persons flying to the event will fly into Burlington Airport.  Transportation from the airport to the Conference Center will be provided by the host site.  Arrivals should be before 8 p.m. on September 23 and departing flights should be no earlier than 10 a.m. on October 1.

ESTIMATED PHYSICAL DEMANDS OF THE EVENT:   Primetimers will need to be able to get into and out of regular van and should have ability to walk short distances.

REGISTRATION:    The registration deadline for this event is July 1, 2011.  Please send completed registration and deposit to:   Primetimers, Mission Volunteers, GBGM Room 320- 475 Riverside Drive - New York, NY  10115

REGISTRATION LIMIT:   Minimum 10 – Maximum 14 participants

EVENT COORDINATOR:                                 EVENT SHEPHERD:
Rev. Dr. Lee and Bonnie Adkins                        Jeanie Blankenbaker
leemadkins@comcast.net                                  Jbumvimny@aol.com