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Additional Opportunities

Interested in Coordinating a Primetimers-like experience for your church?

Primetimers experiences offer participants: intentional educational forums, cross-cultural opportunities, faith-filled reflection on the purpose of ministry, and greater exposure to the work of the UMC and the church universal, thus, preparing interpreters for the mission work of the church. If your church is interested, then you too could work to plan a Primetimers-like experience for older adults in your congregation. It would be similar to coordinating an UMVIM trip, but would also incorporate an education component and intentional faith-filled reflection. Check out the Planning Suggestions page for steps involved in coordinating a Primetimers-like event. Explore the Past Events pages for ideas in your own planning.

Additional opportunities available through Mission Volunteers and the UMVIM networks:

INDIVIDUAL VOLUNTEERS: Volunteer as an individual or a married couple with GBGM partners, including churches, institutions, and ecumenical organizations, on a local level or internationally. Specific dates depend on when you as a volunteer are available and when the host community would like for the volunteer to come. The usual length of service is two months to two years. The experiences of Individual Volunteers are as varied as the places where you can serve.

NOMADS (Nomads On a Mission Active in Divine Service): The NOMADS program offers people with recreational vehicles the opportunity to share their time and skills with UMC projects within the US and along the Mexican border. You can work on a variety of projects while meeting fellow United Methodists who have time to travel and enjoy serving others. As a NOMAD, you can spend up to 3 weeks with a project, volunteering your labor for 20-25 hours/week on mission projects designated by the host group.

UMVIM VOLUNTEER TEAMS: Arrange a 1-2 week volunteer trip with a team of older adults or an intergenerational team from your congregation. Mission Volunteers and UMVIM Coordinators can resource your church as it plans a United Methodist Volunteers In Mission (UMVIM) trip. Choose from a list of partners from around the United States and around the world who are in need of volunteer service. There is a range of skills needed at the various projects so you should find a volunteer opportunity that suits the older adults at your local congregation!

RESOURCES FOR OLDER ADULT MINISTRIES: Another resource you may want to explore is the website of the Center on Aging & Older Adult Ministries, a ministry of the General Board of Discipleship. The mission of the Center is to provide quality resources and valuable training support to help equip leaders (both clergy and laity) in their ministry of faith development with midlife and older adults. If you are interested in resources for older adult ministries for your local church, you can learn more about the Center by visiting their website at www.aging-umc.org or by calling tollfree (877)340-7071.

If you have questions, please contact:

Primetimers Program
Mission Volunteers Office, GBGM
475 Riverside Dr., Room 1400
New York, NY 10115
Toll free 1-877-882-4724, or 212-870-3825
E-mail: primetimers@gbgm-umc.org

To keep updated by Primetimers group e-mail, please send a request from your preferred address to primetimers@gbgm-umc.org

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