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Photos of Walter and Betty Whitehurst

Walt and Betty after announcing their retirement at the end of 2004 as consultants for the Individual Volunteer program of the Mission Volunteers Program Area, General Board of Global Ministries, UMC. They are holding up the Walt and Betty Whitehurst Individual Volunteer Scholarship Fund brochure presented by Jeanie Blankenbaker. Contributions to the Scholarship Fund (Advance Special # 982465) will help some individual volunteers finance their mission service. Help is especially needed for volunteers from outside the United States.

Walt Whitehurst with Staci Martin, a volunteer who had recently returned from South Africa - Richmond, Virginia, March 2003

Betty Whitehurst listens to a presentation by Priscila Rojas, volunteer coordinator for the Southeastern Conference of the Methodist Church of Mexico - McCurdy School, Espanola, New Mexico, May 2002

Betty Whitehurst (standing) with volunteers Staci Martin (South Africa), Howard Pisons and Cheryl Lafferty (Chile) - Richmond, Virginia, March 2003

Walt Whitehurst tries on the Fijian "tapa" presented to him by Saimone Kete, a volunteer from Fiji, with the help of Saimone's wife Melesiana - Templed Hills Camp, Woodland Park, Colorado, May 2004

Betty Whitehurst - not sleeping, just resting her eyes as Michael DeBorja of the Mission Volunteers office makes a presentation - New York, August 2003

Greg Forrester, Consultant for Individual Volunteers, with two volunteer candidates - New York City, November 2002

Tributes to the Whitehursts