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Prospective Individual Volunteers

The General Board of Global Ministries, in partnership with local and international churches, institutions and ecumenical organizations, has identified opportunities for individual volunteers, either single or as married couples. Terms will vary according to the amount of time the individual volunteer has available. Specific dates depend on when the volunteer is available and when the host community would like for the volunteer to come. The usual length of service is two months to two years. In many countries, fluency in the language is required.

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Because individual volunteers will be viewed as missionaries by the host community, they may be asked to pray aloud, speak in public on short notice, and/or lead Bible studies. Individual volunteers should possess the following characteristics:

1. A growing Christian faith and understanding of mission;

2. Involvement in a local church;

3. Maturity and a sense of personal security and wholeness;

4. Ability to live with uncertainty, ambiguity, and loneliness;

5. Flexibility and willingness to meet the demands of the assignment, including working under the supervision of local authorities;

6. Willingness to observe standards of behavior acceptable to the host church, usually including no alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs;

7. Skills in interpersonal relationships, including intercultural, ecumenical, and interracial experience;

8. Joy in making new friends and relating to persons of other cultures;

9. Educational preparation and/or skills appropriate to the position;

10. Physical and emotional health;

11. A sense of humor.

Although the General Board of Global Ministries cannot promise a prospective volunteer a specific placement, we will work toward an appropriate match. Once the office receives the complete application, references, and medical form, consultations take place, usually by telephone. Then the application is sent to the applicant's first choice. If that placement does not materialize, the application may be sent to other choices. In any event, the volunteer and the office must agree on the location to be considered. This process often takes several months.

The individual volunteer is expected to cover the cost of transportation and personal expenses in the place of assignment. Usually the place of service will provide housing, and occasionally meals can be provided. This is not always possible, because volunteers generally go where the need is greatest and resources are limited.

Three or four orientation sessions for individual volunteers are held each year. All individual volunteers are expected to attend one of these sessions.

After studying the above, if you feel called by God to serve as an individual volunteer, please click on and print out the application, reference request, and medical information forms below, or ask us to send them to you. When writing for information, please give us your name, address, and church membership.

If you have questions, please contact :

Nancy Eubanks
Consultant, Individual Volunteer Program
426 Eubanks Rd.
Brownsville, TN 38012
Tel (731) 772-0458
Fax ( 731) 779 9123
E-mail: Indvols@gbgm-umc.org