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Individual Volunteer Orientation in Hinton, OK, September 28-30, 2007


Front Row, L-R: Jeanie Blankenbaker, Lindsay "Charlie" Hodge, Mary Micikas, Julie Luttrell, Cookie Foster-Hall, Mike Hall, Jim Gant. Middle Row: Nancy Eubanks, Robbie Dunham, Phyllis Rose, Deborah Hudson, Brittany Burrows, Erica Mire, Christina Cavener, Barbara Stone. Back Row: Roger Boe, Michael Haxton, Lee Rainboth, Deidre Hildebrand, Karen Distefano (Oklahoma Conference staff), Jeff Embry, Darla Embry.

Seventeen IV candidates found their way to Canyon Camp, Oklahoma for the early fall training session. Nine of the candidates were young adults and three of them departed for service the following week.

As always, they came from states across the US, planning to serve in Belize, Cambodia, Cameroon, Czech Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, Oklahoma, and with the Texas Border Ministries.

A special sending forth service was held on Sunday morning for the three Individual Volunteers who were leaving the next week to begin serving.