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October 2009 Individual Volunteer Training

Volunteers group in front of The Church of the Village.


The last training session for Individual Volunteers in 2009 was held at Alma Matthews House in New York City.  Fourteen participants plus three  staff were present for this session.  The group spent three  hours on Saturday in “hands on” ministry at The Church of the Village helping with the meal ministry there.  They are pictured here in front  of the church with the pastor and other church leadership  present during the lunch time.  Individual Volunteers present are: Emily Alton, Susan Arnold, Wilfred Baez, Roberta Bower, Molly Lowther, Cammeo Medici, Cynthia Plater, Robert and Judy Rector, Anne Ringger , Mary Louise Schock, Taylor Snook, Eric and Elizabeth Soard.  Placement sites for this group include Nicaragua, Chile, Peru, Haiti, Congo, Tanzania and several United States programs.  Staff pictured are Landon Taylor, Nancy Eubanks and Barbara Stone.