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Individual Volunteer Orientation in New York, NY, November 2-4, 2007


Left to right, bottom to top, 1st Row
: Roger Boe. 2nd Row: William Duckery, Jeanie Blankenbaker, Gina Riendeau, Marshall Chamberlin. 3rd Row: Darya Hackenberg, Len Boguski, Sandra Boguski, Nancy Chamberlin. 4th Row: Jarod Osborne, Walt Whitehurst, Doris Mack . 5th Row: Peter Bowen, Alan Riendeau, Nancy Eubanks.

Eleven candidates for the Individual Volunteers program came to NewYork City from across the US to participate in the Orientation/Training held November 2-4, 2007. They will serve in locations from Chile to Haiti and Zambia. They heard great stories and gleaned valuable information from Jarod Osborne, an Individual Volunteer who just returned from serving in Uganda. They also heard from Elliot Wright, GBGM Information Officer, who gave them pointers on how to tell their story and solicited their stories while they serve. Sunday morning, the group worshiped at Church of the Village UMC in Greenwich Village.

Bible study

Marshall in roleplay

Nancy and William in roleplay

Alan and Sandra in partner talk training