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Individual Volunteer Orientation in Alton Collins Center, Oregon, June 12-15, 2008

Ind. Vol. Orient'n group pic

Pictured at Alton Collins Retreat Center near Eagle Creek, Oregon, is the latest group of Individual Volunteers, who completed their training on June 12-15, 2008.

They are, from left to right, Jim Corbin, Roger Boe (GBGM), Larry Balliet, Barbara Stone (GBGM), Ryan Miller, Bonnie Riggle, Cyrus Hicks, Elaine Balliet, Bev Pressman, Scott Pressman, Alice Haines, Don Harter, Nancy Eubanks (GBGM), Heather Wilson (Western Jurisdiction UMVIM), Clint Rabb (GBGM), Brenda St. Clair (Oregon-Idaho UMVIM), Chloe VanDenBrink, and Glenn Waltman. Not in the picture is Donna Waltman.

The group participated in Bible study, theological discussion, cultural understanding and learned helpful facts for short-term mission service.

They were interviewed by staff personnel and had time on Saturday afternoon for an excursion into the beautiful area surrounding the Retreat Center.

Another highlight of the days together was the great (and also healthy) food which was prepared by a wonderful chef.

The next training session will be on August 21-25 at Camp Egan near Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

* * *