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Individual Volunteer Orientation at Eagle Creek, OR, July 6-8, 2007


Front Row:
Gert Burns, Tom Gerbe, Nancy Eubanks, Brenda St. Clair, Ruth Mathis, Beatrice Salyer, Ival Salyer, Linda Moore, Martha Milk, Clint Rabb, Ed Peterson, Roger Boe. Back Row: Katy Fitzhugh, John St. Clair, Robert Primeau, Lorna Jost, Rhonda Cordill, Tom Moore, Meghan Waddle.

The July training session for Individual Volunteers was held at the beautiful Alton Collins Retreat Center in Eagle Creek, Oregon. Participants and staff enjoyed the restful setting as well as the delicious, healthful food.

Possible sites for service by these volunteers are Mexico, Kenya, Guatemala, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Brazil, with others to be decided.

The group said "goodbye" and "thank you!" to Lorna Jost as she is giving up the role of coordinator and "welcome" to Nancy Eubanks as she assumes this position.