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Individual Volunteer Opportunities: SOUTH AMERICA

Young VIM and 4 kids in BoliviaBOLIVIA

1. English Bilingual Program

a. Teachers needed for ESL programs in the Methodist School system. Three periods of service available: late January-mid June; July-mid August; July-October.

b. Person to accompany bilingual teachers, talking with them and the children in English. Experience/training in education is great but not required. Work with small groups of students in English activities. Apartment available on school grounds. Three periods of service available: late January-mid June; July-mid August; July-October.

2. Colegio Rio Colorado, located in Beni, Amazon basin.

a. Experienced teacher needed. Volunteer will teach English to Spanish speaking students in grades 6 to 12. If capable, volunteer will also teach computer classes (basic MS Office) in Spanish. Spanish speaking ability is a plus, but not required. Must possess current or previous teaching certificate. Needed for one to two years. Lodging and meals provided.

b. Experienced veterinarian needed. Volunteer will assist local veterinarian with normal day to day duties as associated with farm type animals – chickens, cows (Brahmas), ducks, pigs, sheep, and guinea pigs. Will consult and provide advice on pastures, fencing, care, and housing of animals. Volunteer will also provide assistance with development of junior college level courseware. Degree associated with veterinary work required. Needed for one to two years. Lodging and meals provided.


Volunteers are placed in consultation with the UMVIM coordinator and local Methodist churches and institutions. Medical volunteers work with the Evangemed mobile clinic, attending people in small towns and villages, working through the local Methodist Church.


1. Volunteer needed to increase congregational involvement in the Refugee Integration Services Program (PROSIR), a collaborative initiative of the Chilean Methodist Church, Foundation of Christian Churches for Social Assistance (FASIC), United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), and Church World Service.  The volunteer would work with PROSIR staff and national and local Methodist church leaders to increase their capacity to a) communicate with local church members about the commitments Chile has taken on with respect to refugee protection and integration, (b) develop strategies to both communicate and advocate for  the work of  PROSIR within the church, both locally and nationally, and to recruit, train and support volunteers, and (c) from within the ranks of the volunteers identify and train leaders who will provide ongoing support to congregational volunteers, including training, communication and volunteer appreciation, so as to ensure the viability of the program. Six month commitment minimum, possible travel and stipend provided. Spanish required.

2. E.M.A.N.A. (Extension Metodista at Nino Andino.) Teacher for auto-repair workshop for Kusayapu high school students - classes in the afternoon Monday through Friday. Housing provided in dorm room with bathroom. Iquique/Pachica.

3. E.M.A.N.A. (Extension Metodista at Nino Andino.) Para-medic needed to maintain school clinic in Pachica. Monday through Friday with week-ends off for rest. Current credentials required (for US). Housing provided in dorm apartment with bathroon. Iquique/Pachica.

4. E.M.A.N.A. (Extension Metodista at Nino Andino). Computer Science and English teacher needed to teach Freshman classes in computer science and in English - Monday through Friday (approximately 30 students). Certification and/or prior teaching experience required. Housing provided in small dorm room with bathroon. Iquique/Pachica.

5. E.M.A.N.A. (Extensión Metodista al Niño Andino), Iquique: dentist. Shorter terms acceptable. Housing and meals provided.

6. E.M.A.N.A. (Extension Metodista al Nino Andino). Assist professional staff in the care of women in an all women's nursing home; providing spiritual encouragement to residents and staff; working with residents in leisure activities. Required: Intermediate Spanish, graduate of nursing school program and/or paramedical experience and/or experience with nursing home residents. Housing provided. Cost to volunteer +/-$150USD per month. Needed 6 months to 1 year.

7. Escuela Agrícola "El Vergel," Angol: nurse or paramedic to serve boarding students. 1 year preferred, shorter terms acceptable. Housing and meals provided.

8. Escuela Agrícola "La Granja," Nueva Imperial: nurse or paramedic to serve boarding students. 1 year preferred, shorter terms acceptable. Housing and meals provided.

9. Institución Sweet and Colegio Metodista,Santiago: teachers (physical education, recreation, English).

10. Colegio Metodista, Temuco: teachers (physical education, recreation, English).

11. Colegio Metodista, Valdivia: teachers (physical education, recreation, English).

12. Collegio Robert Johnson, Alto Hospicio (near Iquique) - volunteers needed to work in classrooms to assist in teaching/speaking English language.

13. Arica, Methodist Education Center. Volunteer needed to start after school lunch and study program working out of The Methodist Church El Redemptor. Responsible for developing a center for the community, first for children and young adults. A college degree and a minimum of intermediate Spanish required. Needed for six months to one year. Room with private bath provided in home of pastor's family. Meals prepared for small monthly fee.

14. CEREIMI (Center for Assistance to Needy Children) - Lunch, recreation, and after school program in Iquique. Will assist the director in planning and implementing activities for approximately 35 children from 2 to 12 years old. Time frame from six months to two years. Lunch provided. Housing will be with a church family.


Project is the treatment and adequacy of the water well in the community of Brisas del Mar in the department of Sucre. Will make a study of the well, the system that brings water to the population, and the water quality and treatment to make it potable. Educate the people in water management. Spanish language skills required. Housing and food provided for a small fee. Time frame is open with placement as soon as possible.