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Individual Volunteer Holly Heyroth & summer team

Individual Volunteer Opportunities: MIDDLE EAST


1. A volunteer needed in Bethlehem at Applied Research Institute, using English language for editing and correcting research papers, case studies reports and grants. A bachelor's degree in English or related field or certificate of advanced proficiency in English language is required. Laptop needed. Time frame: for at least 3 months. Housing is provided.

2. A volunteer needed in Bethlehem for Natural Resource Management Program at Applied Research Institute using English language for project in assembly and testing of small scale waste water treatment plants. A BS in chemical, civil / environmental, mechanical or electrical engineering is required. Equipment is provided but a laptop is recommended. Time frame: at least 3 months. Housing is provided.

3. A volunteer is need in Bethlehem for Sustainable Agriculture Program. English language is spoken and volunteer will record and interpret experimental data collected through field surveys, carry out research and provide advice on various technical issues. There will be work with farmers to improve systems and conduct community needs assessments. A bachelor's degree in Agricultural Studies is required. It is recommended to bring a laptop. Time frame is flexible, with at least 3 months availability. Housing is provided in the ARIJ guest house.

4. A volunteer is needed in Bethlehem for Information Technology Program, with English as the spoken language. Volunteer will develop the software necessary to run computer systems, testing and verifying programs in development work with teams. A bachelor's degree in computer science or software engineering is required. A laptop will be necessary. Dates are flexible, with at least 3 months availability. Housing is provided in ARIJ guest house.

5. A volunteer is need in Ibillin, Galilee, at Mar Elias Educational Instition. Work of volunteer will be maintenance, light construction, painting and gardening. Time frame: current and ongoing, for 2 to 3 months. Housing is negotiable at guest house and meals will be included in per month fee.

6. A volunteer is needed in Ibillin, Galilee, at Mar Elias Educational Institution. English is acceptable language, although Arabic and Hebrew would be helpful. The work is tutoring students in English, teaching English class, and assisting in conversational English at the high school and college level. TEFL would be helpful. A personal laptop is desirable. The time frame is the academic year, and at least 3 month availability needed. Housing is available and negotiable as to fee required. Meals are included in the housing per month cost.

7. Husband and wife team wanted at Hope School in Beit Jala, Palestine for three months from September until the end of the year. Duties would include gardening, repair of broken desks and other minor repairs and minor school maintenance. An apartment is available at the school. No stipend is paid.