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Individual Volunteer Holly Heyroth & summer team




Person(s) to teach English to townspeople on invitation of the local Methodist Church as an outreach project. No special degree necessary - experience teaching ESL would be helpful but not required. Position is open to a single person or married couple. The sites are: Jihlava UMC, Plzen 3 UMC, Sedlcany UMC, Slany UMC, and Znojmo UMC.


1. Centre de Vacances Landersen, Sondernach (near Munster): Do the dishes, clean the rooms, help with preparing the food, help with the children's camps, help with cleaning, yard work and welcoming guests. French helpful but not required. At least 6 months, preferably beginning in April. Housing and meals provided.

2. Pordatach, Chatillon Saint Jean: Help renovate an old French farm into a small retreat place for pastors and missionaries, help with cleaning, yard work and welcoming guests. Some French helpful.


The projects listed below are UMCOR/NGO related projects (United Methodist Committee on Relief/Non-Governmental Organization). These are secularly oriented humanitarian projects, working with non-Christian faith based communities.

1. Tbilisi House: Teach English. Skills required: English teachers, ESL instructors, teachers willing to learn how to teach basic English as a Second Language. 2-4 months.

2. Zugdidi Youth House: "Volunteers for the Best Education" - teachers for English, radio journalism, and drama classes/activities. Experience preferred. Work with a mixture of local and refugee students in both free classes and fee for service classes. 2 months or longer.

3. Tbilisi Youth House: an individual with knowledge of how to organize a volunteer program for youth is needed to establish a permanent Tbilisi Youth House Volunteer Program. Skills needed: organizational ability, "people skills," good assessment experience, willingness to help raise minimum funds to keep the program going year round. Expectations include general service projects for youth, establishment of intern possibilities, and building in Public Relations techniques for the Tbilisi city community.


1. Liepa community. Individual with skills in all aspects of building and remodeling, except electricians. Persons with building expertise to oversee the work of Volunteers In Mission teams.

2. Hope Center in Straupe. Volunteer will work on the renovation of a building that was once a collective farm administration bldg. and now houses a Methodist church and the Hope Center. The Hope Center is a non-profit group home for young single mothers who have no place to live. This group home is to give young women and their babies a safe place to live until the mother is given an apartment by the government. By law, the government must provide housing, but there is a tremendous waiting list for apartments and the only alternative for these young moms would be to live in a shelter. Carpentry skills, wallpapering, painting, all sorts of general construction skills are urgently needed. Half of the building has already been renovated. A plumber would also be very welcome.


1. Lithuania United Methodist Church, Birzai Reconstruction Project, Birzai: read architect's plans and coordinate work teams on construction project.

2. Lithuania United Methodist Church: ordained clergy person to assist with pastoral work (worship and tasks as determined by the Lithuanian UMC). As soon as possible, 3 months to one year. Translator available, at volunteer's expense.


Piestany: help plant a United Methodist Church in Piestany by working with the youth, inviting people to church, preaching and leading worship, and helping the pastor organize activities. Ability to play a musical instrument and/or lead music, dramas, or puppetry would be a plus. 1 year or more.


Istanbul.  Salesian Educational Center for Iraqi Refugee Children. Request for volunteer to teach English as a second language (ESL) and assist in teaching students in elementary and junior high school as well as adults (possibly music, sports and computer education). Certification and prior experience in ESL are required. Volunteer will be responsible for housing and meals. (A small apartment in a Christian complex is available.) Volunteer is needed from Sept 2010 to June 2011.


Request for Individual Volunteer in L'viv, Ukraine, for three months to two years, beginning January 2010.  The site is a college campus ministry with teaching of English a priority.  Other opportunities include music, drama, teaching Bible study to with young adults, service at local orphanages, to the elderly and homeless and assisting with short term teams from the US.  Housing and food cost will be approximately $500-600 per month.



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