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Individual Volunteer Opportunities: ASIA / PACIFIC


2 girls in CambodiaBANGLADESH

Volunteers needed - to teach English, medical doctors, secretaries. Three months notice before volunteer arrives. Times of service from six weeks to six months. Languages spoken: Bengali and English.


1. Teach church school teachers, train people in writing Bible study materials, train youth leaders; stewardship training; teach basic computer skills, accounting skills on a computer, maintenance of computers. Housing provided. Knowledge of Khmer would be helpful.

2. CHAD Program: Community Health and Agriculture Development, Phnom Penh. Shared housing accommodation for women & couples. Hotel nearby with daily and weekly rates for <$15.00/day. Meals will cost about $100/month.

Current needs:

a. Community-Health Nurse or Nurse Practitioner: hospital liaison to train and coach pastors and health volunteers on how to use health services.

b. Agriculturalist - agronomy, livestock, equipment sharing

c. Marketing and product development - particularly textiles and craft-projects for export

d. Journalist or Office assistant to tell the stories or help with computer and administrative duties (knowledge of QuickBooks a plus)


One of GBGM's main partners is the Amity Foundation (ai de ji jin hui), a Chinese social service and development organization that was inspired by Christians in China as a way to live Gospel imperatives within Chinese society. Since its founding in 1985, Amity has become one of the most respected faith-based non-governmental organizations in the People’s Republic of China. Amity has project work in almost every province in China. Its work includes rural development, heath, education, social welfare, sustainable agriculture, blindness prevention, relief and rehabilitation. Since 1985 Amity has been recruiting overseas teachers of English for two very successful programs: the two-year Teachers Program, and the one-month Summer English Language Program.

1. Amity Summer English Program (SEP): Volunteers are placed in teams at various rural teacher training colleges throughout China to provide a three-week curriculum that facilitates English conversation and listening practice as in-service training for Chinese middle school teachers. Amity provides an orientation and debriefing (an additional one week in total) and suggested curriculum material; volunteers serve in teams of four to six. The SEP is always held in July, but the actual dates vary slightly each year. Visit amityfoundation.org for the dates of the next SEP and to learn more about this rewarding experience. Applications must be received by April 1, but early applications are strongly encouraged. Accommodation and meals are provided.

2. Amity Teachers Program, two-year commitment. The volunteer will be considered part of the English language department of a post-secondary institution where s/he should be prepared to teach a full compliment of English language courses including reading, writing, listening, speaking skills, as well as English and world literature courses. The institutions that Amity partners with are mainly teacher training colleges which receive students from a wide range of rural and ethnic minority areas. Volunteer requirements: two-year commitment, minimum bachelor degree, native fluency in English. ESL diploma/degree desirable, but not required. Selected applicants receive orientation in both the US and China, international airfare, monthly stipend, housing, health care and other benefits. If successful applicant has no ESL training, a 4-week ESL course may be required and can be provided. Program begins in July with US-based orientation, followed by a month-long orientation in China. Applications must be received by April 1, but early applications strongly encouraged. Visit amityfoundation.org for more information. Christian foreign volunteers are always welcome to worship at established churches in the city and towns in which they are placed. Amity can help introduce them to the nearest church. The government of the People’s Republic of China requires that foreigners do not engage in evangelistic activities. United Methodist volunteers are expected to comply with this law.

Amity Teacher Application Process
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Amity Application- Global Ministries
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Amity Application - Amity Foundation
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Confidential Reference Form- Amity Teachers Program
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Visiting Scholar invited to serve as lecturer in Theology or Ministry at Davuilevu Theological College in Fiji, for two to three years if possible. This person will assist in formulating the job description of a Dean of Studies and help in implementation and design of seminars. Ph.D. and ordination as Methodist clergy are required. Housing, food and stipend are provided.


1. Clara Swain Hospital, Bareilly: Physical Therapists, Surgeons, OBGYNs, Pediatricians.

2. Hillcrest School: school nurse.

3. Vellore Hospital, Vellore: long-term medical volunteers (6 months to 1 year). Professionals in Medical, Surgical, Specialties, Computers, Management, Finance, Clergy.


1. Project Asian Rural Insititue (ARI), Nasushiobara, Tochigi Prefecture: Volunteers needed who will help build a supportive community for international participants studying sustainable agriculture. Volunteers may work in a number of positions:

a. Farm workers for livestock production and crops and gardening

b. Food service helpers (preparation and serving)

c. Office assistant

d. Maintenance work

60 day minimum service. Housing provided free. Cost of meals $250-$300/month. Must pay for own transportation and touring.


Nong Neo Community School, Vientiane (capital city). Volunteer ESL teacher needed for grades 1-3 for 4 hours per day, 5 days per week. College degree required. Volunteer requested for 3-month periods for up to 12 months. Two-story house with private bedroom available for $180 per month; meals provided at $105 per month; and transportation to/from class provided. 90-day visa required and half of visa fee will be provided to volunteer.


Education at Huree University of Information and Communication Technology or Hurre ICT, Ulaanbaatar City. Engage in class works including teaching or assisting professors in the labs. The majors are Electronic Engineering, Information Communication, Computer Science, Internet Business, Life Science, Multimedia, Mathematics, English, and Korean Language. Master's or Bachelors' degree with experience in major fields required.


United Mission to Nepal (UMN) publishes a full range of opportunities for service in Nepal on its website www.umn.org.np. Exciting opportunities exist for well qualified and experienced Christian professionals - couples, singles and families - for a range of challenging, rewarding roles in rural, regional and urban areas in Nepal. If you have the required skills, are creative, flexible and interested in working in teams with Nepali and expatriate staff, United Mission to Nepal (UMN) is keen to hear from you. Please contact Anne Penn at anne.penn@umn.org.np for details.

1. Marketing/Communications Director (Kathmandu-based): To implement an integrated marketing strategy in order to attract resources and personnel, and to maintain a good working relationship with the Government of Nepal and other major stakeholders. Required: marketing or communications qualifications and experience. Several years' experience at a senior management level. Ability to use print and electronic media to enthuse and inform

2. Strategy and Policy Development Director (Kathmandu-based): To provide strategic guidance to UMN in its areas of work, ensuring that UMN's activities and efforts remain focused on those which will achieve the agreed Strategic Goals. To contribute to Leadership Team decisions. Required: a professional with extensive experience in development work. Experience of setting strategy and guiding others in strategic planning. Able to monitor and evaluate work already done in order to develop future plans. Strong research skills.

3. Senior ICT Advisor (Kathmandu-based, with travel to other locations): To plan and coordinate, design and implement innovative ICT solutions that help accomplish UMN's strategies and plans. Required: professional qualifications and broad experience in the field. Up-to-date technical knowledge. Planning and organisational abilities. Able to liaise effectively with both technical and non-technical personnel.

4. Enterprise Development Advisor (probably Cluster based, with travel to other locations): To capacity build UMN staff and partners by providing technical expertise in the Enterprise Development work of UMN. Required: Relevant development-related qualifications, at least degree level. Extensive experience in micro credit, micro finance and small business related activities. Several years of cross-cultural field experience in a developing country. Ability to work closely with Nepali colleagues in a mentoring/coaching relationship.

5. Rehabilitation Advisor (Kathmandu-based, with travel to areas outside the city): To assist UMN staff and partners to address rehabilitation and disability issues. Also seeks out opportunities to have an impact at national level. Required: degree in physiotherapy or rehabilitation or similar field. Experience promoting rehabilitation and disability issues at community level. Ability to work closely with Nepali colleagues in a mentoring/ coaching relationship.

6. Disaster Management Advisor (probably Cluster based, with travel to other locations): To capacity build UMN staff and partners by providing technical expertise in the Disaster Management work of UMN. Required: relevant academic degree. Experience in disaster procedures and management of a wide range of disasters. Ability to work closely with Nepali colleagues in a mentoring/coaching relationship.

7. Organisational Development Advisor (probably Cluster based, with travel to other locations): To provide expertise in organisational development, capacity-building, community development and partnership. Required: extensive experience in development processes and activities. Relevant development-related qualifications. Several years of cross-cultural field experience in a developing country. Ability to work in a mentoring role.

8. Communications Specialists (Kathmandu-based): Are you able to inspire others? Do you want to tell our supporters and prayer partners good news of what is being done to help poor and disadvantaged people in Nepal? Do you have a background in writing, publishing, communications or marketing? Then you might be just the person that we are looking for.

9. Development Professional (based outside Kathmandu, with travel to rural areas): Have you worked in developing countries and improved your own skills? Do you want to work with Nepali organisations to help them with community and organisational development and to ensure that they are working to the best of their ability? Do you have development-related qualifications? Then look at our website www.umn.org.np to see the areas in which we work. And consider whether you could help us.

10. Finance Professional (Kathmandu-based): Do you have the ability to work with a well-qualified team of Nepalis to ensure that money is available for supporting our projects and staff? Are you able to ensure that UMN's finances are well-run and that we are accountable to our supporters, our board and the government of Nepal? Can you work in a not-for-profit organisation? If you have the appropriate accounting/ financial qualifications and experience, then prayerfully consider whether working for a time in Nepal is for you.

11. Primary/Elementary Teacher: We need a teacher in Tansen for for a small group of 5-11 year-old children of UMN expatriate families. Teaching will be in English. Teachers may be needed in other locations as well. Required: Formal teaching qualifications (including child protection clearance). Some post-qualification experience. Experience teaching in a multi-age setting would be an advantage.

Technical Advisors - You will be based in rural areas of Nepal with travel to more remote areas. You will work alongside Nepali Technical Officers helping and advising local NGOs (non- government organisations) and other partners to do specific work to improve the lives of people in your area. You will liaise with colleagues in other areas of work and other geographical areas so that best practice may be determined and skills fully used. UMN works in the following needs areas. Examples of types of qualifications and experience are given. Note: All expatriates must have relevant qualifications and experience in order to obtain a work visa for Nepal.

12. Women and Children: addressing health problems, social discrimination and exploitation. Doctors and nurses with community experience, midwives, social workers would all have a suitable background.

13. HIV/AIDS: prevention and education, advocacy, and community and home-based care. Experience in this field as a counselor, nurse, doctor or social worker.

14. Food Sovereignty: ensuring access to and utilization of food, focusing on vulnerable people. Agriculturalists, food technologists or nutritionists.

15. Conflict Transformation: facilitating conflict resolution, research and training. Practical experience of working in a conflict situation. Able to contextualize theory and practice from other conflict settings.

16. Enterprise Development: ensuring that all households would be able to meet their basic needs. Experience in setting up or running a business and entrepreneurial skills.

17. Disaster Management: responding to, preventing and reducing the effect of disasters. People with training, experience or knowledge of natural or manmade hazard management, (e.g. civil engineers, water engineers), awareness or experience of hazard vulnerability/ risk management (e.g. geographers, environmental scientists, security/emergency services personnel), experience in relief programs or other experience in disaster management.

18. Education: eliminating barriers, enabling access to relevant education and recognizing its value. Teachers, teacher trainers with experience of formal and non-formal education.

19. Organisational Development: promoting good governance, transparency, accountability, and integral mission in a development context. Experience in any of the above areas.

As part of the above areas of work we have a particular need for the following:

20. Children at Risk Advisor leading the development of UMN's work with children at risk, assisting other professionals to integrate this across all areas of work. Addressing problem of trafficking, corporal punishment and conflict related trauma. Qualifications and experience in working with children at risk and the ability to train others and develop resources are needed.

21. Rehabilitation Advisor assisting partners to address rehabilitation and disability issues, seeking opportunities to have an impact at national level. Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists or experience in a similar rehabilitation field. It would be an advantage to have experience in promoting rehabilitation and disability issues at community level.

With UMN-affiliated organisations -

22. Tansen, Okhaldunga and Patan (Kathmandu) Hospitals. All positions involve mentoring, coaching and training Nepali health professionals.

a. Surgeons at Tansen Hospital: URGENT

b. General Practitioner with surgery skills at Okhaldhunga Hospita:. URGENT

c. Hospital management/ administration professionals

d. General/ orthopaedic surgeons; internist; general practitioners; pediatricians; anaesthetist; pathologist.

23. Tansen Nursing School - Senior nursing tutors for teaching posts, with relevant qualifications and teaching experience.


Taipei City. Methodist Graduate School of Theology in Taiwan. Request for volunteers to teach Old Testament and/or Church History for semester starting February 2010. Credential requirements include Th. D or Ph. D.  Language: English, some understanding of Chinese helpful. Arrive before mid-Feb. Request volunteers stay 3-6 years. Housing available.


English teaching volunteer. Ban Nong Puen Tak School, Songpeenong, Amphur Gaengkrajan, Petchaburi Province. Teaching English in Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary classes. Creating any learning supporting activities, i.e. sports, games, singing, music, etc. Term of volunteer service should be during the semesters, which are from May to October and from November to March. No stipend is paid but housing is provided by the school director.


1. Ha’ateiho, central Tongatapu (main island). Village Mission Clinic - Primary care physician to work in rural clinic, oversee clinical aspects and standards of the clinic. Requirements: medical degree, current practice certificate, experience in family or community medicine. International experience in developing countries preferred.  Language: English. Housing and small stipend provided. Request stay 4 to 8 months. Housing and small stipend available.

2. Methodist High Schools. Teachers needed, especially Industrial Arts, Home Economics, English, Computers, and Librarians.