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Individual Volunteer Opportunities: AFRICA


Yaounde. The United Methodist Church of Cameroon is in need of a volunteer to oversee the projects of its 20+ congregations. This person would monitor the development of small, income-generating ventures. The manager would assess the progress of the projects and then translate the on-going needs and successes to partner churches in America.


1. TESOL (The English Speaking School of Lubumbashi), Lubumbashi. Volunteers are needed to teach preschool, elementary and/or junior high students, as appropriate to the needs of the school and the experience of the applicants. One of the volunteers will also be asked to assist the local teachers through observations, advising and work. Minimum commitment of 6-10 months. School year runs from Sept to early July. Sept arrival is preferable but not essential. Shared housing with another volunteer is available. A stipend is offered.

2. Jamaa Letu Orphanage, Lubumbashi: help with feeding and care of 50 little girls, assist with homework, teach English, help with daily chores/cleaning, office assistance (computer work, email correspondence, etc.).

3. AED Girls Education Project, Lubumbashi. Assist in development and implementation of the project-mentoring, monitoring and evaluation component. Assist staff in basic English.

The next 3 Projects listed below are UMCOR/NGO related projects (United Methodist Committee on Relief/Non-Governmental Organization). These are secularly oriented humanitarian projects, working with non-Christian faith based communities.

4. Proposal writers: individuals with experience in writing proposals to various donors for the areas of food security, construction and rehabilitation of buildings and roads, ex-combatant reintegration, and education.

5. Agricultural volunteers: individuals with agricultural experience and know-how to work with UMCOR/NGO staff. Assist with current projects and help develop new food security programs.

6. Girl's Mentor Program - Visit UMCOR sponsored, remote village schools. Mentoring teen and pre-teen girls (hygiene, education, etc.).

7. Methodist Mission Station at Mulungwishi - Handyperson/repairs instructor to work with locals and help setup central shop/maintenance area and teach repair techniques.

8. Seminary at Mulungwishi - Pastors to teach at the seminary

9. Technology Institute of Katanga

a. Teachers of computer programming, networking, and basic use

b. Computer repair person/instructor

All the above volunteer placements request that the volunteer be flexible, self-starters, and speak French.

Kids & wire car in Swaziland


1. Deike Clinic. (Relates to the hospital in Ganta, Liberia). French necessary and willing to learn Mano. Housing available.

a. Request individual volunteer to coordinate overall operations and needs assessment of the clinic. 3-month minimum.

b. Request Individual volunteers to teach health professionals (doctor, nurse, other health professionals) and to serve and conduct rounds. 3-month minimum.

c. Audit of Financial Statements. Volunteer with BA / MBA (general or hospital) that can work two to three weeks on teaching budgeting.


1. Maua Methodist Hospital: physicians to help in a 250-bed hospital in rural Kenya. Short or long term. Pediatrician needed urgently. Other needed skills include surgeon, OBGYN, orthopedic surgeon, optometrist and eye surgeons, lab-techs, Medical tech to repair equipment. Living accommodations, small stipend.

2. Alice's Clinic in Kopanga region near Migori - Physician, family or general practitioner to assist and provide instruction to resident nurse.

3. St Peter's Youth Ministry, Nairobi. A youth pastor is needed to work closely with the congregation at St Peter's Methodist Church in Nairobi to develop and carry out programs and ministries for the youth and young adults of the congregation and community. You need to have experience in youth ministries. The church can provide a single room in a private home near the church and meals at no cost to the volunteer. English is the spoken language.


1. Camphor Mission Clinic. (English necessary and willing to learn Bassa. Housing available.

  • Teach health professionals, serve and conduct rounds. 3 month minimum.
  • Individual volunteer requested to teach interpersonal and client etiquette and relations skills to staff, also stress management and grief support. 3 month minimum.
  • Audit of Financial Statements. Volunteer with BA / MBA (general or hospital) that can teach budgeting, accounting. Request for 1 month.

2. Ganta United Methodist Hospital. Laboratory Technician needed to tutor laboratory technicians and perform clinical laboratory tests. Credentials required. English is spoken as well as other local languages.


1. Bambur, Taraba State.  Banyan Theological Seminary. Volunteer professor for seminary teaching as well as professional development for teachers and professors. Requirements include seminary graduate and significant pastoral experience. Some materials available, request for contribution of theological training materials and books. Housing available. Request for 1 year, negotiable.  (note to web master: this is # 3 on current Nigeria list and is to replace the current listing)

2. Jalingo, Taraba State.  Kakulu Bible Training School. Volunteer requested to teach evangelism skills to students and teachers. Requirements include seminary graduate and significant pastoral experience. Request contribution of training materials. Language: English necessary and willing to learn Hausa. Request for 1 year, negotiable.

3. Jalingo, Taraba State.  UMC Nigeria conference construction projects. Request for volunteer with skills in construction and group organization to organize and prepare construction projects throughout the conference to prepare for US UMVIM construction teams. Housing available. Language: English necessary, Hausa helpful. Request stay through completion of project.

4. Jalingo, Taraba State.  United Methodist Church of Nigeria. Request for volunteer to complete translation of UMC Book of Discipline from English to Hausa. Experience with translation/linguistics required. Language: English and Hausa necessary. Housing available.

5. Zing, Taraba State. Didango Bible Institute. Volunteer requested to teach evangelism skills to students and teachers. Requirements include seminary graduate and significant pastoral experience. Request contribution of training materials. Language: English necessary and willing to learn Hausa. Request for 1 year, negotiable. Housing available.


1. United Methodist Church Health and Maternity Center, Kissy, Freetown: general surgery, obstetrics/gynecological surgery, and general dentistry. At least 2 months. Housing provided.

2. CHASL/UMC Mother & Child Survival Project. Physician, Health Practitioner or Physician's Assistant needed to lead and/or enhance disease prevention, education and health promotions; facilitate disease diagnosis, treatment & support especially among women and children; supervise nutrition education/ promotion/ education programs; represent CHASL/UMC Partnership in community and country. Needed for one year. Housing provided with support staff to assist with security and cleaning as needed. Some lunches provided. Cost to volunteer $120 per month.


1. FLOC Pre-school, Johannesburg: volunteers for teaching, staff development, parent education, fundraising, grant writing, and curriculum development.

2. Khanyisile, Katlehong: help care for persons with HIV/AIDS, including orphans; type of volunteer work depends on current needs.


Volunteer for administration of primary schools, coordination of HIV/AIDS program, and promotion of Volunteers In Mission; help with computer. 6 months to 3 years. Housing and meals provided.


1. Methodist Angel House Orphanage, Tarime (near Lake Victoria) - Volunteers needed for work listed below. Languages spoken are Swahili and English. Knowledge of Swahili is not required. Housing provided in new, modern hotel very close to orphanage at cost of $660 per month including 3 meals per day. Small stipend negotiable.

a. Teacher/tutor. Help the children learn English; communicate progress and information to USA supporters through the internet. Teaching degree or tutoring experience required.

b. Houseparent. Tutor and nurture children.

c. Orphanage Health Coordinator. Provide care and disease prevention to orphans; develop educational programs for children and community such as AIDS prevention, personal hygiene.

2. New opportunity in Tanzania for Individual Volunteer - Wesley Primary School in Morogoro. Duties will involve teaching English and participation in some church activities. Construction work is also available if Volunteer has those skills as well. Beginning January 1, 2011 for at least 3 months. Housing (comfortable house near school) is available at $200 per month. Food cost is approximately $200 per month. No stipend is provided.


Volunteer needed at Front Porch Orphanage in Zambezi, Zambia. Language requirement: English. Duties include teaching, skill training, and caring communication.  Housing available at $300 per month. Food costs are additional. No stipend is available. Volunteer should plan to serve at least three months 


Africa University, Mutare. Voluntary service options include, but are not limited to, teaching/research/supervision of undergraduate and post-graduate students in the following disciplines: agriculture/natural resources, business, education, arts and social sciences, health sciences, peace, leadership and governance, and theology; teaching of ESL; library services; development of student welfare services; career counseling; technical support, administrative systems development and programming in the ICT unit; some assignments in the General Services, Clinic and Farm areas. Housing provided. In most instances, furnished accommodations will be provided. Professional credentials required: PhD and significant, recent university level teaching and/or relevant workplace experience for teaching in postgraduate programs. Master's degree qualifications combined with teaching experience is sufficient for undergraduate level teaching responsibilities. For other placements, the required skills, professional and technical qualifications will be assessed by the receiving unit.