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How to contribute toward the work of an Individual Volunteer


Those wishing to give contributions toward the work of Individual Volunteers may send them to the Individual Volunteer Program's Advance special number: 982465.

(1) Please make the check payable to:  Advance GCFA

(2) Write in the memo line of the check: Adv#982465, for Ind. Vol. [name of volunteer]. Or, if you wish to contribute to the Walter and Betty Whitehurst Scholarship Fund for Individual Volunteers, write: Adv#982465, for I.V. Scholarship Fund.

(3) The check should then be mailed to:
Advance GCFA
PO Box 9068, GPO
New York, NY 10087-9068

Donors are requested to follow this procedure precisely so that their contributions can be properly credited.

It takes from six to eight weeks from the time that contributions are received for them to be posted in the Individual Volunteer Advance# Donor Listing, at which time the funds become available for remittance.

Photo credit: Jeff Oliver