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Individual Volunteer Program

2 women Individual Volunteers and tapestry

The United Methodist Church, in partnership with churches and institutions in the U.S. and other countries, has identified opportunities for individual volunteers, either single or as married couples. 

The usual length of service is two months to two years. The individual volunteer is expected to cover the cost of transportation and personal expenses in the place of assignment.

Because individual volunteers will be viewed as missionaries by the host community, they should possess a growing Christian faith and understanding of mission, be active in a local church, and be flexible. Living in a different culture presents challenges that require maturity and strong interpersonal and cross-cultural skills.

You can access the online Individual Volunteer application by clicking Online application here or on the link for it on the right-hand side of this webpage. You can also download and print the application, reference request, and medical information forms as Microsoft Word documents by clicking on the corresponding links for them on the right-hand of this webpage. If necessary, you can request the Individual Volunteer Program to mail them to you (please be sure to give your mailing address and phone number).

If you have questions, please contact:
Nancy Eubanks
Consultant, Individual Volunteer Program
426 Eubanks Rd.
Brownsville, TN 38012
Tel (731) 772-0458
Fax ( 731) 779 9123
E-mail: Indvols@gbgm-umc.org


Eleven Newly Certified Individual Volunteers

Eleven Newly Certified Individual Volunteers

The General Board of Global Ministries has eleven newly certified Individual Volunteers following the recent training at Riverside Retreat Center near Ft. Myers, Florida. This group came from eight different United Methodist Annual Conferences. The various placement sites for these volunteers will include Tanzania, Honduras, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Palestine, Kenya, Cambodia and the Sager Brown Depot and Alabama Disaster Response Center.

One of the highlights of the training event was a visit and tour of ECHO (Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization). The time there was appropriate as the volunteers were told of the importance of "learning to live in the culture of their placement." Many examples of sustainable agriculture and community-based projects were available during the tour of the complex.

The GBGM training staff included Malcolm Frazier, Patricia Magyar and Nancy Eubanks. Paulette West, the Southeast Jurisdictional United Methodist Volunteers-in-Mission Coordinator-led training components. Our longest tenured individual volunteer, Phil Plunk, shared about his many years of volunteering in Guatemala. He told the volunteers about some of the practical aspects of serving.

Pictured are: Leisha Boulware, Gerald Brubaker, Stephanie Bruse, Elizabeth Graham, Ben Harbeson, Pamela Hill, Jil Jennewein, Gail Johnson, Carrilea Potter, Kate Reynolds, Gwen Walton, Malcolm Frazier, Nancy Eubanks, Paulette West, Maria Davis Underwood and Phil Plunk.