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Program Format

Phase 1: ORIENTATION (approximately six days in host region)
Phase 2: THE VOLUNTEER PLACEMENT SITE (typically six weeks)
Phase 3: REGROUPING (approximately four days in host region)
Phase 4: FOLLOW-UP (there are minimum expectations for action/integration of experiences)

The program format is designed to be a life-transforming process, not just a program with an ending point. We want the results of participation within this process to continue beyond the term of the volunteer program. The young adult volunteer should carry the Global Justice Volunteer experiences into his or her current and future work.

All volunteers are expected to:
1) Share a written version of their experience and selected pictures with the Global Justice Volunteers office and other General Board of Global Ministries networks.
2) Organize at least four presentations (at least two of which are for youth/young adult constituencies) to a variety of local churches, campus groups, or community organizations.
3) Submit a written version of their experience to at least two periodicals, newsletters, or websites.
4) Share the story through one other way, as determined by the individual volunteers.