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UMVIM Awareness Sunday Resources 2

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United Methodist Volunteers In Mission
Awareness Sunday

Resources developed by UMVIM, NCJ; UMVIM, NEJ; UMVIM, SEJ; UMVIM, WJ; and GBGM, Mission Volunteers

The 2004 General Conference ruled that…..
(1) each annual conference may set aside a Sunday to be declared Volunteers In Mission Awareness Day;

(2) each local church provide for UMVIM displays, information resources, solicit individual or group testimonies, and/or develop other ways to celebrate the UMVIM movement in whatever fashion that best suits the local congregation; and

(3) local churches draw upon the available resources of the Conference UMVIM Committee to help make the day memorable, one of "Christian Love in Action."

As you plan your UMVIM Awareness Sunday, we hope you'll find the following resources helpful.

Order these brochures & posters from the
UM Service Center at 800-305-9857
  Mission Volunteers #5487
  Primetimers Brochure #5550
  Primetimers Poster #5597
  NOMADS #5528
  Individual Volunteers #5497
  Health Care Volunteers #5477
  UMCOR Material Resources #5319
  UMC in Mission Poster ($3) #5689 
  Youth and Young Adults #5511
  Global Justice Volunteers #5598
  Global Justice Volunteers Poster #5479
  UMVIM and the Advance #5364
  Kidz 'n VIM Coloring Book #2837
  A place where you can serve the world #3837





Isaiah 58: 9-14

Isaiah 6


Matthew 28:16-20

Hebrews 13:2


Mark 13: 9-11, 16:15

Galatians 3:28


Ephesians 2:14-22

Ephesians 4:1-7


Luke 10:1-12,16-20

Acts 1:6-11


Matthew 25: 37-39

Luke 1:51-53


Deuteronomy 10:19

Romans 8:19-21


Philippians 4:6-7, 11-13

  Songs from the Faith We Sing book
         2117 Spirit of God
2129 I Have Decided to Follow Jesus
2131 Humble Thyself in the Sight of the Lord
2155 Blest Are They
2164 Sanctuary
2171 Make Me A Channel of Your Peace
2176 Make Me a Servant
2178 Here Am I
2183 Unsettled World
2184 Sent Out in Jesus' Name
2203 In His Time
2222 The Servant Song
2223 They'll Know We are Christians by our Love
2242 We All are One in Mission
  From the United Methodist Hymnal 
  344 Lord, You have Come to the Lakeshore
405 Seek Ye First
431 Let There be Peace on Earth
434 When the Poor Ones
437 This is My Song
497 Send Me, Lord
548 In Christ There is No East or West
560 Help Us to Accept Each Other
569 We've a Story to Tell to the Nations
571 Go, Make of All Disciples
572 Pass It On
583 You are the Seed
584 Lord, You Give the Great Commission
593 Here I Am, Lord
   UMVIM song: "Lord, We Will Follow Thee" (pdf format).
   As copyright holder, UMVIM SEJ grants full permission to
   duplicate this song for use on UMVIM Awareness Sunday.
  All songs from the Global Praise Books -
  songs from around the world.



Other Printed Material


(Newsletter for Health Care volunteers)

~ for a large supply, contact your UMVIM coordinators

 ~ view a copy of the current KNOCK at http://gbgm-umc.org/vim/features/umfhcv.htm


New World Outlook Magazine

~ Sept/Oct 2004 issue

Response Magazine

~Oct 2004 issue

~Nov 2004 issue

     Multi-Media Presentation

                       "The Call To Serve"

Available from Mission Volunteers or your UMVIM Coordinator, this CD plays with MS Media Player on your computer.  A great 8 minute presentation for the local church!

 Stories make great 'mission moments'

       ….check out the stories on these sites




Devotional Resources

Available from Cokesbury
~ Transforming Ventures by Jane Ives             
We Belong to the Land by Father Elias Chacour
~ Teach Your Team to Fish by Laurie Beth Jones               

Available from Upper Room Books      www.upperroom.org/bookstore
~Yours are the Hands of Christ (the Practice of Faith) by James C Howell
             ISBN 0-8358-0867X  

Available from Campfire Resources     www.campfireresources.com
~ Prepare Your Heart by Cindy Judge
             ISBN 0-9712-320-4-0



Invite an experienced UMVIMer to your worship service to share his/her experience. Ask them to:

·        Share stories of relationships formed and lives changed.

·        Personalize mission

·        Concentrate on how they were touched by God's loving hand through service rather than the actual work itself.

·        Share photos/ videos/ slides. One picture really is worth 1,000 words


Contact GBGM - Mission Volunteers for more

Contact your Conference or Jurisdictional
UMVIM Coordinator for more ideas! 


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Litany for UMVIM Awareness Sunday

The vitality of the United Methodist Volunteers In Mission movement is alive and well in The United Methodist Church! Participants testify to lives transformed and congregations renewed as they become involved in "service with others" mission outreach. New relationships are developed with persons from other cultures, and traditional walls of division are torn away as they participate in hands-on involvement.

The United Methodist Volunteers In Mission movement is one of the most exciting things happening in the church today. In 2003, over 69,779 persons were documented as having served on UMVIM teams and 102 individuals served in 25 countries, including the USA.

Be a part of this exciting hands-on ministry!

Contact your Jurisdictional or Conference UMVIM Coordinator for information on how you and your church can participate in UMVIM.

You may also contact Mission Volunteers, General Board of Global Ministries for additional information and assistance.


Do all the good you can


Offering loving service to others


By all the means you can


In worship or work or play or prayer


In all the ways you can


By building something or doing nothing, by teaching or learning, by talking or listening


In all the places you can


In your family or church, in your community or workplace, in your own state or one across the country, in your homeland or someone else's


At all times you can


For an hour or a day at a time, during your vacation or workday


To all the people you can


Christians or Jews or Muslims, those of other religious Faiths or those who claim no faith at all, one at a time Or gathered together


As long as ever you can


Wherever you are in life, and for the rest of your life.

…adapted from John Wesley's Rule
by Gayle Annis-Ford, UMVIM, NEJ

*     *     *

Voices From Around The World
Vignettes that can be used in a variety of ways
Submitted by UMVIM, WJ


I lost my left arm deflecting a sword aimed at my head. Covered in blood, I was left for dead by my INKARTA captors. Today, with one arm I am a brick mason, and I worked side-by-side with you as a volunteer to build a new day care facility in a South Africa refugee camp.

Samuel: South Africa 2003
…A voice from around the world


I was so excited, it was my first UMVIM trip, and I had so much to give. Funny thing, I received so much more than I could ever give.

Tony: South Carolina 2000
… A voice from around the world


I watched you hold little children orphaned by AIDS. I do all I can, but their numbers have overwhelmed me; and there is no money for additional paid workers. I watched you make these children laugh and smile, and respond to your antics. You gave them the love and attention they deserve, but which I have not the time to give. And yet you walked away thinking you made no difference.

Elena: Zimbabwe 1996
... A voice from around the world


For 6 months I had no place to go to acquire the food and clothes my family depended on because Hurricane Gilbert destroyed the pantry at the Methodist Church. You rebuilt that facility.

Angela: Jamaica 1988
… A voice from around the world


I met you near Johannesburg. You were 20; I was 8. You are Japanese and I am South African. I had never heard of Japan. You taught me origami art. You gave me a larger world.

Anderson: South Africa 2003
... A voice from around the world


I never received a formal education. That is different now for my children. You came to my island and renovated an old school and made it a nice place to be. You brought us books. You brought us supplies.

Sifa: Tonga 2002...
A voice from around the world


When I met the widows in Bosnia, we were able to understand each others pain for I too, am a widow. Even with the language barrier, we found strength in each other.

Sandy: W. Virginia 2003
... A voice from around the world


My people are native to this land. Ours is a story of deprivation and abandonment. You have helped us to build affordable homes.

Jewell: The Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma 1995
... A voice from around the world


In my war torn city you built a youth center to help kids like me have a safe place to go to for play, to study, to hang-out. You opened the door to a better place, a safer life, and a future of hope and promise.

Nicoli: Bosnia 2000
... A voice from around the world


We thought the world had forgotten us. For months we lived with a badly damaged house, no electricity or running water. You showed up one morning and began building us a new life.

Candice: Kansas 2003
... A voice from around the world


When I was 8 years old I lost my family in the war. I walked 70 kilometers, alone, to try and find unknown relatives in Luanda. Eventually I was able to enroll in the Methodist school program for street kids. I learned as best I could, and today I am a teacher.

Augustinho: Angola 2004
…A voice from around the world


In my country, the church is severely restricted, yet UMVIM volunteers come year after year to help us renovate our old buildings and build a new camp. Because of your efforts, United Methodism is growing 25% per year among my people.

Juan: Cuba 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001
... A voice from around the world

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