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Litany for UMVIM Awareness Sunday

One: Do all the good you can
All: Offering loving service to others
One: By all the means you can
All: In worship or work or play or prayer
One: In all the ways you can
All: By building something or doing nothing, by teaching or learning, by talking or listening
One: In all the places you can
All: In your family or church, in your community or workplace, in your own state or one across the country, in your homeland or someone else's
One: At all times you can
All: For an hour or a day at a time, during your vacation or workday
One: To all the people you can
All: Christians or Jews or Muslims, those of other religious Faiths or those who claim no faith at all, one at a time Or gathered together
One: As long as ever you can
All: Wherever you are in life, and for the rest of your life.
...adapted from John Wesley's Rule
by Gayle Annis-Ford, UMVIM, NEJ

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The vitality of the United Methodist Volunteers In Mission movement is alive and well in The United Methodist Church! Participants testify to lives transformed and congregations renewed as they become involved in "service with others" mission outreach. New relationships are developed with persons from other cultures, and traditional walls of division are torn away as they participate in hands-on involvement.

The United Methodist Volunteers In Mission movement is one of the most exciting things happening in the church today. In 2008, well over 100,000 persons were documented as having served on UMVIM teams.

Be a part of this exciting hands-on ministry!

UMVIM Sunday: woman & sign

To access UMVIM opportunities for service and the Jurisdictional UMVIM websites, please go to http:/umvim.info.

Contact your Jurisdictional or Conference UMVIM Coordinator for information on how you and your church can participate in UMVIM.

You may also contact the GBGM Mission Volunteers Office, volunteers@gbgm-umc.org, or go to http://missionvolunteers.org, for information and assistance.