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Mission Volunteers
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Guidelines for UMVIM Teams

These guidelines were developed in October 2003 by the UMVIM Jurisdictional Coordinators and Mission Volunteers Program Area of the General Board of Global Ministries:

An UMVIM team is one that serves locally, nationally, or internationally where it is invited, works in a ministry endorsed by the host Methodist church, partner church or agency, or Non-Government Organization (NGO), and serves in cooperation with the local host group. The intent of these guidelines is to insure that the presence of the team will not interfere with the authority and integrity of the church leadership, hereby strengthening and upholding the local church. The team will have an UMVIM trained leader who provides training for the team, insures completion of proper forms and insurance coverage and is in communication with annual conference and jurisdictional UMVIM leadership.
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Book of Discipline ¶1312.5.e

The responsibilities of the program area, Mission Volunteers, shall be: To provide, in cooperation with jurisdictions and conferences, guidelines and procedures for participation and training of mission volunteers.