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UMVIM accident insurance application form

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We have updated our system. All UMVIM Team Leaders, Individual Volunteers, and PrimeTimers who wish to apply for accident insurance through GBGM will have to log-on to this new user-friendly webpage to apply. Please note that there is a minimal increase to the daily amount paid for each UMVIM team member and Individual Volunteer.

Click HerePlease click here to request a password if this is the first time you are using this system.
You will receive an email to the email address that you supply containing your password.

Click HerePlease click here if you are not a first time user and already have a password for this system:

Click HereMission Volunteers Insurance Application Login

This accident insurance policy is for participants in UMVIM work projects listed in the Jurisdictional UMVIM and Mission Volunteers websites, which can be accessed by going to http://umvim.info, as well as for participants in UMVIM projects which are Advance specials or which involve working with GBGM missionaries. It is not intended for non-work trips or for language study except when required by the Individual Volunteer program.

For UMVIM teams to Cuba: because the Chubb underwriter will require a copy of your U.S. Treasury Department license to travel to Cuba in order to provide coverage, you will need to email us a copy of the license 30 days or more before your departure so that Chubb can have the policy updated prior to the trip.

The cost of coverage is $0.80 per person per day ($0.55 per person per day for Individual Volunteers),  which include days of departure and return. Please send the accident insurance applications in ONE BATCH together with ONE CHECK and the COVER SHEET to:

Mission Volunteers GBGM
Room #320
475 Riverside Drive
New York, NY 10115