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Christian Love in Action - in Haiti: United Methodist Volunteers in Mission.

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Schedule A Team

All UMVIM teams who wish to work on Priority Projects identified by the Eglise Methodiste d'Haiti (EMH) must register with the US-based Calendaring Coordinator , who will work with the team leader to schedule the mission trip. Team leaders must have UMVIM team leader training and Haiti experience. Teams who register to work on Priority Projects and raise $3500 in project funds will be eligible for matching grants.

Methodist Guest HouseTeams fly in and out of Port-au-Prince international airport and spend their first and last nights at the Methodist Guest House in Petionville (left). Teams who work on priority projects in the greater Port-au-Prince area stay at the Guest House for the duration of their trip. Those UMVIM teams who travel to projects outside Port-au-Prince are transported to the work sites and stay at the remote location until the day before they depart. The mission trip is between 7 and 9 days for a team of a maximum of ten persons. All members of the team must arrive and depart on the same flights.

PDF: Portable Document FileTeam Qualifications & Guidelines: (1 p., 27K, updated October 15, 2011)

Going to Haiti presents physical challenges. Team members with special medical needs cannot be guaranteed to be met. If you have need of special equipment or medicines, please consider doing mission work in a more congenial (to your needs) location than Haiti. For example, persons with sleep apnea needs, who are overweight, or have heart problems should not volunteer in Haiti.

PDF: Portable Document FileTeam Members with Preexisting Medical/Health Conditions  (April 2011)

Team leaders may download one of the forms below, complete it, and email to US-based Calendaring Coordinator.

PDF: Portable Document FileRegistering/Scheduling your UMVIM Team & Leaders: (1 pg, 85K)
MS Word DocumentRegistering/Scheduling your UMVIM Team & Leaders: (1 pg, 125K)

If your UMVIM team works on projects in Haiti outside of the Haiti Response Project, the office would like to register your mission service. However, your team will not be scheduled through the Haiti Response Project staff and will not be eligible for matching grant funds. To register your team, contact the US-based Calendaring Coordinator.

Melissa Crutchfield, UMCOR's Assistant General Secretary for International Disaster Response, has issued a statement regarding the high interest among medical teams who wish to travel to Haiti: "Medical teams – in fact, all teams – are very eager to go to Haiti. GBGM’s aim is for the volunteer work in Haiti to be done primarily through the EMH. Currently, UMCOR, GBGM and the EMH are exploring effective and appropriate ways to involve medical volunteers in Haiti. (In the meantime) they can be part of the construction/community teams currently being scheduled and managed by the Haiti Response Project....Each team of ten persons who travels to Haiti is encouraged to have one medical professional as part of the team to address community needs as they are identified during the team’s work in Haiti. (Or) they can volunteer at an alternative medical mission program (like) the University of Miami Medishare program."  Read the full statement here:
PDF: Portable Document FileBuilding Capacity to Receive Medical Teams in Haiti: (1 pg, 22K)

Age Requirements (updated October 2011)

The Haiti Response Plan will accept students who have graduated ninth grade. They must be accompanied by a parent or other designated guardian. All youth teams must have a ratio of 4 to 1, meaning that there is one adult for four youth, and two adults no matter how large the team. To be consistent with Safe Sanctuary guidelines, the adult leaders should reflect the gender of the youth on the team (i.e., if there are both boys and girls on the team, there must be male and female leaders.) Age and make-up of teams will be a consideration in project and site assignments.

Youth teams should be organized following the best practices outlined in the UMVIM Training Manual for Mission Volunteers, "Youth Teams," pages 70-74, including Safe Sanctuary certification for team leaders, background checks, and references. Additional forms for Youth Teams are in section 7 of the manual. Orientation for teams is mandatory, in particular to address cultural sensitivity. 

For more information, contact the US-based Calendaring Coordinator or your Jurisdictional UMVIM Coordinator.