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Christian Love in Action - in Haiti: United Methodist Volunteers in Mission.

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UMVIM Haiti Team Tools and Resources

These tools and resources will help ensure your trip to Haiti is safe and successful. If you have any questions about your upcoming UMVIM team experience in Haiti, please contact the US-based Calendaring Coordinator, haitivolunteers@yahoo.com

Core documents: 

PDF: Portable Document FileWhy we do what we do...the UMVIM Theological Statement (PDF, 2 pp., 141 KB)
PDF: Portable Document FileGuidelines and Cultural Implications for Giving, compiled by Lorna Jost, North Central Jurisdiction UMVIM Coordinator

Both the Methodist Church of Haiti and the Haiti Response Plan ask that no teams or team members offer or promise gifts to individuals at a project site. While recognizing the need that exists and the sincere desire of teams to provide for the people and communities they serve, gifts to individuals can cause problems for the community and pastor beyond a team's departure.

 If a team wants to support a local community it is suggested they provide items which can be used communally, or by sending funds through The Advance or the EMH Relief and Development office. Information on the latter is available through the in-country UMVIM staff.

PDF: Portable Document FileComing to Haiti in Mission, a handbook by Ted & Carla Warnock & JoAnn Dimmitt (best if printed two sided for a foldable booklet with 24 pages)
PDF: Portable Document FileWorking with the Eglise Methodiste d'Haiti, Haiti Response Project
PDF: Portable Document FileVacation Bible School in an Overseas Setting, by Beverly Nolte for teachUM


Travel and contact information:

Please note that there is no visitor card required for US citizens and there are no fees upon arrival. All that is required is a passport and the two forms (immigration and customs) that are filled out on the airplane.  (See Sample Immigration Form for entry into Haiti below.)  There are also no exit fees; about 5 years ago, these were included in the price of all airline tickets.  (July 2010)

PDF: Portable Document FileAirport Arrival Information
PDF: Portable Document FileSample Immigration Form for entry into Haiti
PDF: Portable Document FileContact & Entrance Information (updated November 2011)
PDF: Portable Document FileLuggage Information
PDF: Portable Document FileTeam Packing List (updated February 2011)
PDF: Portable Document FileTool List & Special Instructions (updated February 2011)

Safety, travel, and background information:

arrow  BBC News, Haiti: Country profile; Historic Timeline
arrow  Up-to-date news: Miami Herald
arrow  Weather conditions in Haiti
arrow  CDC International Health & Safety Information: Haiti Earthquake and Travel
arrow  A few words about cholera, Dr. Sylvia Reimer (updated August 2011 for recommended treatment)
arrow  Register your travel with the US Embassy's Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)
arrow  US Government information on international travel

Team Leaders:

The Haiti Response Project requires that team leaders have prior Haiti experience and have successfully completed UMVIM team leader training. (To schedule training, contact your UMVIM Jurisdictional Coordinator.) As team leaders prepare their team, the following resources may be helpful.

PDF: Portable Document FileSteps Along the Way (April 2011)
PDF: Portable Document FileTopics for Team Orientation
PDF: Portable Document FileTeam Members with Preexisting Medical/Health Conditions  (April 2011)
PDF: Portable Document FileDonation Guidelines (October 2011)
Team leaders, use this Excel spreadsheet to document your donations. If possible, send it in advance to the email on the spreadsheet. (Excel document Team Donation Inventory Sheet, August 2011)
PDF: Portable Document FileHaiti Response Plan Emergency Contingency Plans (January 2011)
PDF: Portable Document FileHaiti Response Plan Age Limits
Excel DocumentSample Budget (updated October 3, 2011) This file is in Excel format, with some interactive cells to help you determine your team budget. Please note: All funds for payment should be brought in cash, not checks, due to the state of the banking system in Haiti.
PDF: Portable Document FileChecklist for additional site-specific questions
PDF: Portable Document FileChecklist of Forms (including insurance, April 2011)

arrow  Refer to the UMVIM Training Manual for all applicable forms or contact your UMVIM Jurisdictional Coordinator.