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Mission Volunteers
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Meet the Mission Volunteers Staff

Our staff is made up of people with an ardent desire to support Mission Volunteers

Currently, in addition to ongoing programs such as Individual Volunteers and Primetimers and supporting the United Methodist Volunteer in Mission (UMVIM) network, Mission Volunteers’ priorities are:

1. To work with the Jurisdictional UMVIM Coordinators and in collaboration with other program units of Global Ministries in developing volunteer opportunities related to the four focus areas of ministry,

2. To create resources and opportunities for long term Volunteers in Mission partnerships,

3. To train Volunteers in Mission Coordinators outside the U.S.,

4. To facilitate Annual Conferences in adopting an UMVIM Sunday, and

5. To continue to refine the role and practice of UMVIM in collaboration with UMCOR and Annual Conferences in responding to disasters.


Una Jones Una Jones

Assistant General Secretary, Mission Volunteers and Conference Relations

Phone: 212 870-3767
Email: ujones@gbgm-umc.org


Malcolm FrazierMalcolm Frazier

Executive Secretary Mission Volunteers

Phone:  212 870-3659
Email:  mfrazier@gbgm-umc.org

Giuseppina AvitiaGiuseppina Avitia

Program Associate

Phone:  212 870-3792
Email:  gavitia@gbgm-umc.org


Glendora Dazle

Administrative Assistant

Phone:  212 870-3825
Email:  gdazle@gbgm-umc.org



Nancy EubanksNancy Eubanks

Phone:  731 772-0458
Email:  nteubanks@gmail.com

Jane DunnJane Dunn

Phone:  630 790-4387
Email:  richjane@ameritech.net