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Missionary Application Process: In the United States, conference approval is the first step.  Submit completed applications to your annual conference's Committee on Mission Personnel (CCMP) or Secretary of Global Ministries (CSGM). Omitting this step delays the process because your application will be returned to your conference for approval. If you are from outside the United States, send your application, with your bishop's written approval, directly to the Mission Personnel program area.

West Virginia

Chairperson, Conference Committee on Mission Personnel

Dr. William H. Wilson
P.O. Box 2313
Charleston WV 25328-2313
Office: 304-344-8331 Ext. 31
Fax: 304-344-2871
Email: DrBillWilson@aol.com

Conference Secretary of Global Ministries

Mrs. Mary Baker
1112 Highland Drive
St. Albans WV 25177
Home: 304-722-4495
Email: bgirls@suddenlink.net