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Portable Document File: requires Adobe Reader.  Request Form (5 pp, 35K)  Proposal Guide (2 pp, 14K)  Procedure (1 page, 12 K)

The process for approval as a placement assignment for a Church and Community Worker is a complex one. It is designed to enable local churches, districts, or annual conferences to make a careful assessment of the community. It is designed to actively involve the members of that community in the planning and design of the ministry which will be developed in that community. In the process of completion of a proposal, the Church and the community will need to discover accurate information regarding the make-up of the community, including: population distributions according to age, ethnic diversity, educational level, and income; housing conditions, community and government services available, educational and recreational facilities available. They will need to spend time in the development of goals for the ministry, as well as a detailed Job Description for the Church and Community Worker. The Churches will also need to assess their present ministries and resources. A copy of the budget for the project, including the sources for the Field Share support for the worker must be included in the proposal. A copy of the proposal guide is attached for your information.

When a Proposal has been completed, including the names of persons from both the churches and the community who helped in its development, it then goes to the annual conference for the approval of the conference leadership, including: the Bishop, the Council Director, the District Superintendent, the Chairperson of the Conference Board of Global Ministries, and the Conference Chairperson for Church and Community Ministry.

When the completed proposal is received by the Executive Secretary for Church and Community Ministry, consultation is held with the project leadership regarding any areas which are in need of further development. The proposal is then circulated to the Executive Committee of the National Advisory Committee for their recommendations and suggestions.

As a part of this total approval process, an on-site visit is made to the project by the Executive Secretary for Church and Community Ministry, or by a representative assigned by the Executive Secretary. This site visit is very important for the development of understanding of the needs of the project and the requirements of this missionary program.

Projects approved for the assignment of a Church and Community Worker are placed on a waiting list, according to certain priorities, until the proper worker can be found, and until funding is available. The priorities for assignment are in the following order: Racial/Ethnic, town and country, and urban. All workers are assigned to cooperative ministries except in a few unique situations.

The recommended projects for worker assignment, in any budget year, are approved by the General Board of Global Ministries Directors when the budget for Church and Community Ministry is adopted.