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Application Procedure

This application procedure is a collaborative process between the applicant, project, annual conference and the General Board of Global Ministries. Once the application is received, it requires at least two months for the completion of process and approval.

Process for the applicant:
  1. Inquire about wanting to be a Church and Community Worker to the Office of Church and Community Ministry.
  2. Submit application form, references, skills sheet, transcript, and life sketch for initial screening to your Annual Conference Committee Mission Personnel.
  3. Interview with a committee of Global Ministries’ staff, if application is approved.
  4. Receive training and project assignment, and then be commissioned. (See below about project assignment)
Process once application is received at Global Ministries’ office:
  1. Application is reviewed by a committee of Global Ministries’ staff.
  2. Applicant is interviewed by the staff committee.
  3. Recommendations are submitted to receive final approvals.
  4. Approved applicants will be commissioned mission personnel after they have received approved training and assigned to a project. (See below about project assignment)
About the Project Assignment and Tenure