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Church and Community Workers

Church and Community Ministry is a kaleidoscopic ministry, ever-changing and never remaining the same. You may find them serving as nurses in a free health clinic; contractors working with volunteers to provide affordable housing and home repairs; leadership and economic developers; immigration attorneys; to name just a few.  It is a partnership between the General Board of Global Ministries, the annual conference, the project and the worker.

charitable pharmacyA gathering of missionaries of the Church and Community Ministry and the National Plan for Hispanic/Latino Ministry

Read Remarks by Jorge Domingues
Also Read GBGM Strategice Plan

Mission MusingsGiving Thanks

by Randy Hildebrant

You never know who will show up when given an invitation. You might be surprised. They were.

charitable pharmacyMiracles Abound at Charitable Pharmacy

by Mariellyn Dunlap
Have you ever been part of a miracle? I have…three days a week for the past year and a half at the Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio.

A Little Faith: Hope and Blessings from a Child A Little Faith: Hope and Blessings from a Child

by Meridith Whitaker (from the Mission Musings blog)
Two young children walked to church every Sunday, and the girl would raise her hand and ask us to pray for her daddy. He was in jail and she wanted him to come home.

Online Training for US-Based MissionariesOnline Training for US-Based Missionaries

Join an online webinar with Church and Community Workers and National Plan for Hispanic/Latino Ministries missionaries September 17-20, 2011, to learn ways to serve as United Methodist missionaries in rural or urban settings around the US.

Videos: Church & Community Workers Speak About Their Work and Calling

The third video highlights people working in Cooperative Parish Ministries.

Lisa Maupin CCW

Meet Lisa Maupin

Vimeo Video
view it here Watch Lisa Maupin as she talks about her work as a Church and Community Worker at United Methodist Ministries—Missouri River District. 

Pat Watkins is committed to the environment.A Broken Relationship in the Gulf

Reflection by Pat Watkins on interpretermagazine.org
For months now, we have played the blame game. The spill was BP's fault; the federal government's to blame; it's my/your/our responsibility because of our unending appetite for oil.

Charissa B. Shawcross is a Church and Community Worker serving as Director of Community and Health Services for the Joy-Southfield Health Clinic and the NOAH Project in DetroitNursing Detroit to Health

YouTube Video (2+ minutes)
YouTube  Charissa Shawcross directs the Joy Southfield Clinic; watch this video of the people providing hope and saving lives every day. 


Missionary Fran LynchWillow Church and Community Ministry

by Mariellyn Dunlap
7/27/10: The beautiful untamed wilds of Alaska can be brutal to the vulnerable poor. Missionary Fran Lynch reaches out when all hope seems gone. 

The cross that survived the fire at Branches United Methodist ChurchBranches United Methodist Church, Florida City

by Mariellyn Dunlap
6/17/10: "Through disaster, we have seen miracles." When the main building of Branches UMC was destroyed, church leaders and members realized that God is bigger than the fire. 

Steve Claris is a UM Missionary United Methodist Choctaw Mission

by Mariellyn Dunlap
5/26/10: For more than 180 years, the Choctaw Mission near Philadelphia, Mississippi, has sought to listen to, learn from, and love the Choctaw Indians. 

Soraya Montano is a Church and Community Worker in MasonEsperanza Viva: Living Hope

Missionary Stories
5/4/10: Soraya Montano offers hope to immigrants in Mason, Ohio. She says "God is the one who breaks our poverty and circle of hopelessness." 

Church and Community WorkersChurch and Community Workers:
125 Years of Mission and Counting

by Elliott Wright
10/1/09: A year-long celebration will honor this missionary movement that serves the poor and marginalized in the US.


More about Church and Community Workers:

Church and Community Workers are commissioned missionaries of the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church, who, in response to God's call, are devoted to uplifting the poor and disenfranchised in rural and urban areas throughout the United States.  They work to change the social inequities of poverty, racial injustice, and domestic violence.  As their name implies, they take the church into the community and bring the community into the church.

We do not have to look far to see social and economic inequality at home.  Widespread community poverty may be as close as our backyards, within walking distance of our homes, or just on the other side of town. 

Support for the Church and Community Worker is shared between the General Board of Global Ministries and the conference/project to which the worker is appointed.  Workers normally serve in a project 6 to10 years.

Request a Church and Community Worker:

To request a Church and Community Worker for your church, district, or conference project read about the procedure for approval as a placement assignment where you will find links to applications and guidelines.

For more information, contact:
Rev. Kathleen K. Masters, Executive Secretary
Church and Community Ministry
General Board of Global Ministries, United Methodist Church
Email: kmasters@gbgm-umc.org
Phone: 212-870-3819(NYC office)