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Mission Relationships
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Mission Relationships

Mission Relationships analyses the context in which the church is called to mission and builds covenant relationships and mission partnerships to implement the goals of mission. In its evaluative work, it takes account of such factors as culture, religion, history, politics, economics, environment and demographics. It develops Christian ecumenical relations and explores dialogue with people of other faiths.

News and Features

United Methodist Church in LangkatMethodist Churches Thrive in Indonesia Despite Uncertainties

by Rebecca Asedillo
10/28/08: How can congregations grow in the face of discrimination and extreme poverty?

Bishop Solito K. Toquero of ManillaAs a Young Deaconess Is Mourned, United Methodists Support Human Rights in the Philippines

by Rebecca C. Asedillo
5/1/08: General Conference calls for an immediate stop to killings and all forms of human rights violations.

The Philippines Report on Political Murders:A Mission Comment and CommentaryMission Leader Asks US Congress to Make Human Rights Key In Philippines Aid

Global Ministries News
A fax to House and the Senate members asks that no US military aid be used in ways that violate human rights.

Philippine Supreme Court Chief Justice Reynato PunoPhilippine Judicial Leader Speaks Out Against Killings

United Methodist News Service
Supreme Court Chief Justice Reynato Puno is a United Methodist and a powerful voice for human rights.

Jonathan Sta. Rosa's brotherSlain Filipino Pastor’s Family Awaits Justice

United Methodist News Service
The Rev. Isaias Sta. Rosa was abducted from his home and killed by masked gunmen in August 2006. More than 800 people have been killed since 2001.

Banana trees in the Philippines mean livelihood.Bananas and Mushrooms at Work in Ministry:
The Church Encounters Economic Realities

by Rebecca C. Asedillo
Local products spell out hope for people living on the economic fringes in the Philippines.

AIDS; Keep the Promise.United Methodists Hold First Latino Workshop on AIDS Ministries

Global Ministries News
The event included a commissioning service challenging participants to develop education and prevention ministries.

Ministry in the Philippines: A Five Part Series