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Mission Relationships
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Mission Relationships

Mission Relationships analyses the context in which the church is called to mission and builds covenant relationships and mission partnerships to implement the goals of mission. In its evaluative work, it takes account of such factors as culture, religion, history, politics, economics, environment and demographics. It develops Christian ecumenical relations and explores dialogue with people of other faiths.

News and Features

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These children in Manilla receive vitamins and meals at a United Methodist center.Street Children Find Haven

United Methodist News Service
The Pag-aruga program at Asuncion A. Perez Memorial Center provides meals to families living on the streets of Manilla.
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Some of Manila's poorest residents live in shacks made of scrap metal and wood built above the tombs in the city's North Cemetery.Filipino Church Ministers to Destitute Families

United Methodist News Service
Manila's poorest residents live in North Cemetery; some street children now live at the Gilead Center.
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Sun Sook Kim ministers to residents of the Smokey Mountain dump in Manila.Church Offers Hope to Filipinos Living Amid Garbage

United Methodist News Service
Shalom Kindergarten at Smokey Mountain UMC is full of smiling faces despite toxic smoke clouds hovering like a blanket.
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urse Jennifer RecaƱa weighs a young patient at United Methodist Mary Johnston Hospital in ManilaStruggling Hospital Continues to Offer Free Care

United Methodist News Service
Mary Johnston Hospital "could do more if we had more" to provide medical care for Manila’s poor.
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A teacher at Puno United Methodist Church's Masa Mission Center leads her students in prayer.Finding a Kingdom in Heaven in Manila

United Methodist News Service
There is not enough room or jobs in Manila for everyone to scrape together a living but in all of these sad, bad places are United Methodists bringing Christ and hope.

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