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About The United Methodist Development Fund

The United Methodist Development Fund (UMDF) is an investment channel for making loans to build sanctuaries, parsonages, and other mission-related buildings. Rev. Paul Kong and Wayne Moy are Co-Executive Directors.

UMDF is part of the Mission and Evangelism Program Area of the General Board of Global Ministries.

UMDF Board of Directors

Pursuant to the Fund's articles of incorporation, the management of the Fund is vested in its directors. There are 19 directors, five of whom are ex-officio members by virtue of their positions in the General Board of Global Ministries or the Fund, 14 of whom are elected by the GBGM from nominees, six nominated by the Fund and eight nominated by the GBGM. The directors meet monthly to act on loan applications and twice a year to conduct the general business of the Fund. The directors are elected for a four year term and cannot serve more than eight consecutive years. The directors receive no compensation for their services as directors.

Brief biographical sketches of the current directors

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