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Research Office

The Research Office of the General Board of Global Ministries keeps membership and financial data online for 35,000 United Methodist Churches from 1982 to the present. It produces special studies on growing churches and trends in racial / ethnic churches. Custom reports that include charts and graphs for the past 10 years are available for all existing United Methodist churches.  The Research Office also provides custom summaries for Annual Conferences and Districts.

The Research Office is unique in that it is able to connect demographic data with United Methodist church statistics. This enhances our analysis of your area and offers thought provoking issues for your discernment.  The Research Office combines the use of maps, charts, tables, and analysis with the outward consciousness of making disciples of Jesus Christ. Our purpose is to be an information source for The United Methodist Church.

Learn More About the Research Office and Its Resources

About Us

The Research Office of the General Board of Global Ministries provides data and explanations that help the United Methodist Church keep in touch with the communities among which we live, and the opportunities for mission right outside our sanctuary doors.
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Background Data for Mission

The Background Data for Mission newsletter exists to help United Methodist leaders sort through the new and integrate it with the old. It will bring you the latest in technology, demographic trends and contemporary approaches to worship, church education and evangelism.
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Demographic Resources

The Research Office provides a variety of demographic reports at reasonable cost via email or mail.
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Profiles: Free Online

Easy to read Church and Community profiles are available free online from the Research Office. These are a great way to get started with data to help your ministry.
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Printed Resources

Order books and resources from the Research Office.
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Contact Us

Please contact the Office of Research by email or phone with further questions.
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