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Evangelism and Church Growth
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About Evangelization and Church Growth

In 1996 the restructured General Board of Global Ministries organized the Evangelization and Church Growth Mission program area to help the denomination spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and develop, revitalize and transform congregations and their facilities for vital ministry and mission.

Our Vision, Mission, and the Four Mission Goals

Our Vision is vital congregations in every place: congregations that worship, witness, nurture disciples, and serve God's people.

Our Mission is to help United Methodists and their partners in mission to proclaim and offer faithful, fruitful witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. We do this by helping them to establish new churches and faith communities, to train leaders, and to strengthen and renew existing congregations.

The primary mission of The United Methodist Church, as stated in its Book of Discipline, is "To make disciples of Jesus Christ." This is also the first of the four mission goals of the General Board of Global Ministries, as outlined in its Comprehensive Plan for Mission.

The second of Global Ministries'  four mission goals is to "Strengthen, develop and renew Christian congregations and communities."

Establishing  faith communities or new churches and the strengthening of existing congregations help Global Ministries meet its first goal, "To make disciples of Jesus Christ," and its second, to "Strengthen, develop and renew Christian congregations and communities."