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Stewardship in Mission Newsletter

The Stewardship in Mission newsletter shares stories of mission and how to make supporting contributions. It keeps you informed about the ministry of The United Methodist Church through mission and the difference every gift makes.


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Excerpts from Fall 2006 Edition

Your Gift Matters!

When the "Women of Faith" Sunday school class of Coker United Methodist Church in San Antonio, Texas, heard about a need for songbooks for a Methodist congregation in Italy, they got involved.

Several of the women are music lovers and members of the chancel choir. So the possibility of supplying another congregation with copies of a United Methodist songbook, The Faith We Sing, was a natural response.

Pastors David and Kristin Markay are missionaries serving the Chiesa Evangelica Metodista di Milano (the Methodist Church of Milan). After arriving at their new missionary assignment, the Markays quickly assessed their new congregation's opportunities for ministry and partnership in mission.

Music is a universal channel for building community. The Chiesa Evangelica Metodista di Milano is a congregation of great diversity, with members from the Philippines, Ghana, India, England, Sierra Leone, Ecuador, and the United States. When asked how The Faith We Sing songbooks contributed to the worship experience, Pastor Kristin Markay said: "We have a 'Praise and Worship' group made up of youth, children, and adults. The singers are accompanied by guitars, African drums, bass, and piano. Often, some of the more difficult songs are introduced to the congregation as special music sung by the choir. In this way, the congregation becomes acquainted with the new melodies. Some of the songs in The Faith We Sing have been translated into Italian. We're hoping to be able to use these in our bilingual worship services."

Over 11,400 Mission Teams in 2005

If your local church participated in a mission team over the past several years, you're probably privileged to know Jeanie Blankenbaker.

Jeanie retired in July after serving as Volunteers-In-Mission Coordinator. Her work involved training teams and annual conference leaders; identifying places of service and mission needs; advising teams to help them have the best possible mission experience; and overseeing the countless details critical to a successful mission trip.

In 2005, 11,419 mission teams, including 139,665 volunteers, were in mission in 70 countries and 48 of 50 US states. These teams put in the equivalent of 858,140 workdays, using equipment and in-kind gifts in excess of $25 million.

A Really Great New Law!

IRA rollovers for mission are effective now! The Pension Protection Act of 2006 was signed into law on August 17, 2006. During 2006 and 2007, persons aged 70.5 and older may roll over amounts up to $100,000 as qualified charitable gifts. Call a Current and Deferred Giving staff member to find out more about this new law and how it can provide multiple benefits to you and to places of mission.

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