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Stewardship in Mission Newsletter

The Stewardship in Mission newsletter shares stories of mission and how to make supporting contributions. It keeps you informed about the ministry of The United Methodist Church through mission and the difference every gift makes.


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Excerpts from Summer 2006 Edition

Your Gift Matters!

People are still homeless. Insurance claims have been denied or remain unpaid. The millions of tons of moldy, rotting debris will impact the health of thousands as residents and relief workers breathe the stench of decay for years to come.

If these descriptions disturb you, what must the tens of thousands of displaced victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita experience every day? They experience the presence of hope because your gift is helping to slash through the bureaucratic red tape with professional case managers.

Your gift is accompanying families step-by-step through mounds of obstacles to get property cleaned; apply for and receive unemployment benefits; secure healthcare; get children back into school; obtain counseling and other professional services; reunite families displaced by the rising flood waters and the horror of devastation.

Your gift continues to move families and individuals through the relief efforts to recovery. It is not a quick process. It is not an easy process. The process is painstaking and fraught with both expected and unexpected obstacles. Your gift ensures that persons will continue to be cared for, churches and congregations rebuilt, and communities resurrected.

New Directions

The Current and Deferred Giving (C&DG) staff has begun a new emphasis in its support of mission stewardship.

In June 2005, C&DG was moved to the Office of Development, where the responsibility for the overall support to mission is resident. A major transition accompanying this move is the staff's focus.

Previously, C&DG provided Financial Planning opportunities to United Methodists. It was a complementary service that sought to assist persons in the important business of financial planning. Today, as the financial demands to sustain and enhance mission continue to mount, C&DG must begin a new focus.

Across the Church, individuals have demonstrated tremendous support of the commitment to mission through the General Board of Global Ministries. The priority for C&DG is to strengthen the stewardship of mission while assisting persons in their planned giving efforts. Individuals and congregations are invited to accompany the work of mission in this critical way, ensuring that persons around the globe continue to experience and share the gospel of Jesus Christ through mission.

"Keeping the UMW Legacy Alive!"  

This was the title of one of the many focus groups in the Women's Assembly held in Anaheim, California. Women attending this session represented more than 30 states. They were working women, retired women, single women, divorced women, widowed women. 

After the focus groups, each participant had a new or renewed awareness that every woman needs to be personally concerned and involved in financial planning.

The long-standing presence of United Methodist Women (UMW) in mission around the world can be largely attributed to the vision of women who have historically made gifts of all sizes through wills, bequests, charitable gift annuities, endowments, and other giving instruments. Focus group attendees were encouraged to consider giving opportunities to continue the rich legacy of UMW through its voice, advocacy, and actions for social justice.

Through interactive sharing, lively discussions centered on:

  • Wills, making gifts while providing for loved ones.
  • The "Sandwich Generation" (women sandwiched between the needs of adult children and aging parents).

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