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Stewardship in Mission Newsletter

The Stewardship in Mission newsletter shares stories of mission and how to make supporting contributions. It keeps you informed about the ministry of The United Methodist Church through mission and the difference every gift makes.


In This Issue

  • Where the Local Church Dollar Goes - Page 1
  • National Mission Institutions... Meeting Our Communities' Needs - Page 2
  • Some Choices are Easy - Page 3
  • Quiz Yourself: My United Methodist Church - Page 4

Excerpts from Summer 2008 Edition

Your Gift Matters: Where the Local Church Dollar Goes

One doesn't have to be a part of The United Methodist Church for very long before hearing terms like “connectional” and “world service dollars.” Most church members understand that each church is asked to contribute an apportionment, also known as "first-mile giving." The first-mile gift contributes to the operation
of the local congregation, its district, and annual conference, as well as the additional ministry and mission components such as the Episcopal Fund, General Administration, Ministerial Education, Africa University, and World Service.

First-mile giving is very important, but simply put, it is not enough. In 2008, spreading 2.7¢ across 12 boards and agencies, as well as other apportioned areas of need, is simply not enough. That's where the second-mile gift to mission comes in.

National Mission Institutions... Meeting Our Communities' Needs

It has been some time since the daily newspaper or the evening news was without a story about home foreclosures or the rising costs of fuel and food. These economic factors have a broad effect, and it is easy to feel a sense of despair. But that despair is offset by hope through generous gifts to mission.

In more than 100 locations across the United States, National Mission Institutions (NMIs) are havens of hope. National Mission Institutions are schools, community centers, child-care facilities, and women and children's residences related to The United Methodist Church through the Women's Division.

Some Choices Are Easy...

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