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Stewardship in Mission Newsletter

The Stewardship in Mission newsletter shares stories of mission and how to make supporting contributions. It keeps you informed about the ministry of The United Methodist Church through mission and the difference every gift makes.


In This Issue

  • After the Emergency is Over...Relief and Recovery - Page 1
  • Celebrating 2007! - Page 2
  • Your 'Undesignated' Gift - Page 2
  • Strength for Service - Page 2
  • My United Methodist Church - Page 2
  • The United Methodist Church in Mission - Page 4

Excerpts from Fall 2007 Edition

After the Emergency Is Over...Relief and Recovery!

The evening news' lead stories, the font pages of local and national newspapers, and news magazines all display the images of disasters. The stories are poignant. The interviews are captivating. The rescue efforts and channels for support are identified, and the nation and world are awash with details and progress reports.

Three days ago, two weeks, and one month later, the stories have waned, if not disappeared completely. The public's emotional outcry has abated, but what about the victims? Homes are still destroyed. Family members are dead, missing, sick, or badly injured. Families have been separated; insurance claims are destroyed or closed indefinitely; daily shelter services are increasingly less available...but the emergency is over.

Your 'Undesignated' Gift

Gifts in response to mission needs are made with great generosity. The mission emphasis of The United Methodist through the General Board of Global Ministries is staggering. These generous gifts of every size contribute toward delivering hope and healing to children, men, and women around the globe.

More than imaginiable, crises arise and no funds are available. When a gift is made to provide school uniforms for orphans in Zimbabwe, that's the only use those funds can or should have. Funds given to provide text-books for native American children living and receiving education in their community must and should go only for that purpose.

Strength for Service!

Stewardship in mission has so many faces. Often, persons express concern that their financial abilities are limited. While little could be accomplished without the generous gifts made to mission, nothing could be accomplished without the service, presence, and prayers offered on behalf of others.

Strength for Service is a book of devotions that has been revised since its original edition, which was produced for persons serving in the military during World War I.

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