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Stewardship in Mission Newsletter

The Stewardship in Mission newsletter shares stories of mission and how to make supporting contributions. It keeps you informed about the ministry of The United Methodist Church through mission and the difference every gift makes.


In This Issue

  • Your Gift Matters! - Page 1
  • After the Emergency is Over...What Next? - Page 1
  • Making Disciples- Page 2
  • Seeing Mission with New Eyes - Page 3
  • What About a Bequest? - Page 4
  • My United Methodist Church - Page 4

Excerpts from Summer 2007 Edition

Your Gift Matters!

People respond to emergencies. Volunteer-In-Mission (VIM) teams rush to places in crisis. Congregations rally to prepare flood buckets, health kits, and other emergency-related aids. It’s literally impossible to assess, in the wake of an emergency, the exact financial needs necessary to restore a community or even a nation to a reasonable state of normalcy.

UMCOR knows the vital steps necessary. If the bulk of funds is vital as it is, the emergency phase relates largely to getting survivors out of harm’s way. Once the emergency conditions have passed, an unimaginable amount of work remains.
Relief and recovery are the next phases through which victims must be shepherded. The supervision and careful management of funds allow UMCOR to provide comprehensive care for survivors of disasters. (This story will be continued in the next issue.)

After the Emergency is Over...What Next?

Quite often inconversations with local church mission committees, donors, and otherclergy and lay leaders across the church, questions are asked aboutremaining fund
balances well after the emergency is over. And what natural and responsible questions they are!

What happens to all the funds received immediately after an emergency? The tsunami
ofDecember 2004 and Hurricane Katrina in August 2005 are excellentexamples. Astounding numbers of gifts were received in the wake ofthese events. It was an unprecedented witness in response to thesetragedies.

Seeing Mission with New Eyes

Delegates to General Conference and Jurisdictional Conference 2008 were elected during the 2007 annual conferences. These persons will have a variety of responsibilities across the church. One responsibility that often receives little attention is service as directors to the boards and agencies of The United Methodist Church. With his tenure nearing its end, Rev. Guy C. Ames, III, District Superintendent, Oklahoma Annual Conference, reflects on his service over two quadrennia as a director to the General Board of Global Ministries.

Read the entire issue and see the photos for this edition of Stewardship in Mission: Summer 2007 Newsletter (PDF, 4 pp., 1,025K)