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United Methodist Voluntary Service (UMVS)

Anti war protestThrough the United Methodist Voluntary Service, Global Ministries seeks to be in supportive relationship with community organizations that work through volunteers to challenge oppression and injustice and to improve the lives and fulfill the potential of those whom Jesus called the "least of these."

Through UMVS, we are in solidarity with volunteer-based groups that challenge unjust political, social and economic systems which drain the energy and resources of the poor. These groups should demonstrate awareness that their local struggles have national and global implications and that many national and global concerns affect their local struggles as well.

The church is called to move beyond its walls and into relationships with the poor and oppressed - to move from comfort to discomfort, from the familiar to the unfamiliar - to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

The church's mission is to participate in building a global community that makes a place for all, especially those who most often find themselves on society's fringes, and to engage in ministries that foster justice and mercy.

We recognize that the spirit of Jesus is present with and among all who show compassion to people in need, for when we feed the hungry, clothe the naked and visit the imprisoned, we encounter Jesus.


Program Criteria

Community organizations participating in the United Methodist Voluntary Service Program shall be those that meet the following criteria:


Organizations that engage in ongoing community organizing campaigns and are in need of volunteers may request support from Global Ministries through UMVS. The support requested and rendered may be both financial and human in the form of volunteers.

Applying community organizations should submit their applications to the Community Ministries/Development Office for initial review. The staff of the Community Ministries Unit will make a recommendation for approval or non-approval. If the request is recommended for approval by the unit, it will be submitted to the Global Ministries board directors for action.