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Communities of Shalom

Reading to a child can be God's love in action.

The Communities of Shalom Program is an initiative of The United Methodist Church, administered since January 2008 by the Theological School of Drew University in consultation with the National Shalom Committee. Previously, Global Ministries, a partner in this effort, had administered the program for fifteen years.

The Communities of Shalom initiative began as a response to the conditions that impelled, and the aftermath of the Los Angeles rioting in 1992. An original Community of Shalom was created in Los Angeles. The model has been replicated throughout the United States and around the world.

Shalom is represented by the dove of peace.


General Board of Global Ministries provides cost through the General Advance for Christ and His Church, Advance#742566
Please contact Jerald McKie for more information at JMcKie@gbgm-umc.org
Tel: 212-870-3843

Resources and Links

Communities of Shalom (Drew University)

How to Help

Communities of Shalom are financially supported by the local congregations and annual conferences that sponsor them; they also receive grants funded through your gifts to The Advance. You can give individually or through your church or conference. Please write Advance project #742566 on your gift and designate it to "Communities of Shalom." Gifts also may be made online.

For more information visit How to Give Through The Advance.

Biblical Understanding of Shalom

The Biblical understanding of shalom (Hebrew word for peace), is not merely the absence of conflict but everything that makes for people's highest good. It works toward hope and wholeness in which people, individually and collectively, experience health, prosperity, security, oneness with nature, and spiritual renewal. In John 14:27, Jesus, in one of his final moments with his disciples, offers peace....not as the world gives but as God gives (NRSV). Shalom is the transforming power of God at work through the church in individuals and the community.

Through the power of God, Communities of Shalom works for spiritual renewal, community economic development, and healthy communities. The prophet Jeremiah said: "Seek the shalom of the community for it is in its shalom that you will find you're shalom." Jeremiah 29:7 (NRSV)

Photo: Children's Literacy Program of Pharr Community of Shalom in Pharr, Texas.