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Cooperative Ministries

Cooperative Ministries: hands join in a circleCooperative Parish Ministries has a new name, a new look and a new purpose!

The Cooperative Ministries Team brings general church agencies together to plan collaboratively for the development of cooperative and shared ministries in The United Methodist Church and ecumenical settings. These ministries benefit from leadership and resource development, research and advocacy - all of which are critical to their growth and success. The Team's responsibility is to address the needs of local churches, conferences, jurisdictions and the Church around the world as they work together to fulfill the mission of Christ through cooperative ministry.

Members of the new interagency team:

Ms. Clare Chapman
Associate General Secretary
General Commission on Christian Unity and Inter-religious Concerns

Ms. Diane Johnson
Executive Secretary
Office of Rural and Urban Ministries
General Board of Global Ministries

Rev. Robert F. Kohler
Assistant General Secretary
General Board of Higher Education and Ministry

Ms. Jerald L. McKie
Associate General Secretary
General Board of Global Ministries

Ms. Julia Kuhn Wallace
Director of Ministries
Small Membership Church and Shared Ministries
General Board of Discipleship

This website will include:

Suggested resources:

GEMS, God's Ecumenical Ministry, Shared: A Manual for Persons Involved in Ecumenical Shared Ministry, published by The Ecumenical Shared Ministries Roundtable, 1999. This manual is for pastors and lay people in congregations that are currently, or considering, being yoked, federated, in union or united. It is also a helpful resource for congregations being served by a minister of another denomination and for judicatory leaders who seek help in relating their denominations to this unique form of local congregation. Available through the General Commission on Christian Unity and Inter-religious Concerns, The United Methodist Church. www.gccuic-umc.org.

Partnersteps, by Ed Kail and Julia Kuhn Wallace, Discipleship Resources, 2003. A "how-to" book available through Cokesbury. cokesbury.com.

Together We Can: Twelve Ways to Start and Strengthen Cooperative Parish Ministries, Jerry D. Chapman, 2003. A "how-to" book available from the Global Ministries offices of Urban Ministries and Town and Country Ministries.

Together in Ministry: A Resource Directory of Cooperative Parish Ministries in The United Methodist Church, by Judy Matheny, 2002. Available from the Global Ministries offices of Urban Ministries and Town and Country Ministries.

For additional information on cooperative ministry contact:
Rural and Urban Ministries
Ms. Diane H. Johnson