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Strengthening the Connection Connecting the Church in Mission:
Building Relationships

Mission Program Updates: April, 2010

This publication updates the work of of Global Ministries since the last meeting of the directors in October 2009.

Download the Program Update:

PDF: Portable Document FileEntire Document  (PDF, 41 pp, 2.7 M)
PDF: Portable Document FileCongregational Development (PDF, 5 pp, 1089 K)
PDF: Portable Document FileLeadership Development (PDF, 7 pp, 1149 K)
PDF: Portable Document FileMinistry with the Poor (PDF, 7 pp, 1158 K)
PDF: Portable Document FileGlobal Health (PDF, 8 pp, 2060 K)
PDF: Portable Document FileHaiti (PDF, 5 pp, 1126 K)
PDF: Portable Document FileMission Interpretation (PDF, 2 pp, 1256 K)