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Final Issue

Missionaries See Fruits of God's Abundance

Rev. Don Edwards, Missionary

Among the missionaries serving God's children around the world through Global Ministries are Jerri & Bill Savuto (Advance #08798Z). Their faith manifests itself through their tireless work at Maua Hospital (Advance # 09613A) in Kenya, and their newsletters share their efforts with the many congregations and individuals who support the Savutos with their prayers and financial gifts.

Recently, Jerri (Advance #08799Z) shared her concerns about a nursing shortage at the hospital. The Kenyan government has offered nurses higher salaries, and the loss of staff at Maua jeopardized the quality of patient care. Jerri has since shared an update:

First, Rev. Sanders reported that members of Canadian First UMC and the church had raised $85,000 --no, I haven't made a mistake--that small church sent $85,000. Then we began to receive emails from members of the different work teams that had come this summer sharing that they personally were sending funds. From a couple that came with the Friendswood UMC Team we received a donation of $3,000. One member from that same team but with her membership at Heath UMC in the Dallas area sent $2,124 and shared the need with a nurse who was a friend of hers who sent $1,000.

Then one of our supporting churches, First UMC White Rock, New Mexico, a church which is smaller than Canadian First UMC, raised $14,000. A birthday gift for me of $500 was sent, and then two other couples sent donations of $1,500 and $250. Chapelwood UMC in Houston, Texas, recently wrote and said they were sending $10,000. Muleshoe First UMC has set a goal, and we will soon know if they were able to meet that goal. They have $5,000 right now, and First UMC Muleshoe is a small church in West Texas, our home church between 1989 and 1992.

If you are adding as you go, you will know that the amount raised right now is $121,474. As I just wrote that figure I am in total awe of God, Rev. Sanders, and Canadian First UMC and all the other churches and individuals who have given so generously to help us in this very difficult crisis. What an amazing miracle.

In August, the nurses at Maua Methodist Hospital received a raise in their pay that puts them at the same salary as the government nurses. Because a raise was promised, we have not lost any nurses since the end of July.

Your support of the Savutos or any missionary through The Advance really does make a difference. Covenant Relationships, which can be made by individuals or congregations, are particularly beneficial because of the spiritual connection established. For more info, visit the Covenant Relationship page, send an email to covenant@gbgm-umc.org, or call 212.870.3918.

Advocate of the MonthMartha Chapman

The staff of The Advance is pleased to recognize Martha Chapman as the Advocate of the Month. Martha was a choreographer and dancer in the liturgical dance that was part of the service at New York's Church of the Village, which was the first webcast of the 10-Fold Campaign. In addition, Martha promoted 10-Fold through her social network and personal email before and on each day during 10-Fold, bringing many more advocates to support the projects. For her generosity and tireless support of mission through The Advance, thank you, Martha Chapman!

Did You Know?

10-Fold Did you know that over 43,000 advocates signed up to support mission during the recent 10-Fold campaign? The 10-Fold website, www.10-Fold.org , will remain active and continue to provide resource materials on each of the 10 projects featured. The live webcasts have been archived and may be watched at any time. Thanks to all who supported this effort to raise awareness about mission!

Featured ResourceDVD Cover

Churches partner with a missionary when they enter into a Covenant Relationship. This partnership is much more than a financial commitment. It is a dynamic relationship where the church and missionary pray for one another and communicate regularly. Learn more about how you can be part of this dynamic relationship with a free, informative DVD. Order yours today! Info is also available at www.advancinghope.org.

Updates and Announcements

As reported earlier, this will be the final issue of Advancing Hope. You'll still get news of the stories of mission, but we are joining with other Global Ministries newsletters. The new publication, which will debut in mid-November is connectNmission. If you're already a subscriber to Advancing Hope, then you'll automatically receive the new publication. We'd love your feedback. What do you especially like? What might we do better? Send your feedback to David Webb, dwebb@gbgm-umc.org or by phone at 212-870-3910.

The Advance is an accountable, designated-giving arm of The United Methodist Church that ensures 100 percent of each gift reaches its intended mission or ministry.

Thank you for giving generously through The Advance. Your gifts truly make a difference!

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